Uncle Polky Audio Archive

Autobiographical Sketch

Recording by John Curley, 2000

Here are the complete digital audio archives of Wm Julius Polk (Uncle Polky) recorded at the Racquet Club of St Louis in the year 2000 by his biographer John Curley. These were made in 14 session from 1/20/2000 through 11/02/2000 and from these the small booklet ‘Uncle Polky’ (Virginia Press….) was distilled.These recordings are unedited and contain all the background noise of the Racquet Club East during lunchtime on a series of Thursday sessions. Also for those of you familiar with the Racquet Club, there are the frequent ambulances with sirens blasting away as they speed to the nearby Barnes Hospital Emergency Room. Polky displays his characteristic stylistic understatement and careful choice of words, often with long pauses in his narrative as he collects his thoughts. There is much of interest here. Click here to navigate to Polky in the Cloud…