The Camp

Moone Athy, 1984

Boy’s Summer Camp

Aunt Grizelda, during the final few months of her life, together with Sarah Dunn and many other aunts and uncles, hosted a boy’s camp at Moone Athy. This was the summer of 1984, and it was a splendid success, with picnics, trail walks, riding, fishing, biology sessions, swimming in the pond and outings to Busch Wildlife Preserve. Dan Kemner gave hands-on instructions to the boys in fence building, Vernon Ditch led fossil hunting, and Uncle Bob Dunn did anatomy dissections.

We present here a few photos of that summer, photos that capture many of the ‘Boy Cousins’ prior to their metamorphoses into adulthood.


Jack Cromie and George Judy Make a Haul

Dan Cromie and Charlie Judy

Jack Cromie and Cousins with Uncle Bob demonstrating Anatomy

Eddie Fehlig and Joe Pentland at Badminton

Bill Pentland, Bobby Dunn and Eddie Fehlig planning Army Tactics

Aunt Anne Dollimore Trolling with Jack Cromie

Cal Boy Gatch with Bill Pentland and Bobby Dunn
Elizabeth Judy in background

Jack Cromie at Badminton

The Cousins – 1984
Joe Pentland, Jack Cromie, David Pentland, Dan Cromie, Bobby Dunn
Bill Pentland, Cal Boy Gatch and Eddie Fehlig