The Chambers Family Gallery

This is collection of photographs or other artwork relating to the Chambers family. Please forward to the Chamberlain any images that you would to add to this collection.

Bridget, Alicia, and Annie Moriah Donnelly The New York Donnelly Women.

Bridget was married to Michael Donnelly. Younger daughter Alicia later married Willis Powell Jr, whose godfather was the Mexican General Santa Ana. Annie Moriah was killed in a tragic carriage accident just after having graduated from high school.

Willis Powell Willis Powell.

Willis Powell and Alicia Kelly were the parents of Delphine Powell Chambers. Willis’ father spoke 11 languages and was a famous horse trainer in Louisiana. As a result he was invited to Mexico by General Santa Ana to show them how to tame wild horses.

Sarah Eliza Walsh Sarah Eliza Walsh.

Family history has it that Sarah Eliza emigrated from Ireland to America in the 1840’s with her brother rather than marry an older suitor. She was 18 at the time.

Uncle Richard Uncle Richard Walsh

Sarah Eliza Walsh’s brother Richard, with whom she emigrated in the 1840’s from County Kildare to come to America. Read his remarkable bio by a contemporary Californian in our Chambers Library

Delphine and Joseph Chambers Delphine and Joseph Chambers.

Joe and Charley were Sarah Eliza Walsh and John Mullanphy Chambers’ children. Joe married Mary Delphine Powell. On their honeymoon to Europe Joe’s Uncle Walsh at Moone Athy offered to make Joe his heir, but the couple preferred not to settle in Ireland. Old Granny (Sarah Eliza Walsh Chambers) built 4969 Pershing Avenue for Dellie who much preferred living in the city to Florissant farm life.

Sarah Chambers Polk Polky’s Mother – Sarah Chambers Polk.

“My mother was a beautiful woman. We children considered her the essence of beauty even though she cared not at all about her personal appearance…our old laundress [said] “She don’t have to look like that. She just likes to get herself muddy.” (From Uncle Polky
Virginia Pub Co,St Louis Mo., p.4)

William Julius Polk William Julius Polk – “Polky”

“When the family assembles at Moone Athy, I often think of her (Mother – Sarah Chambers Polk)… In my memory, I can see her looking out the kitchen window across the fields of Taille de Noyer. And I can hear her telling me, “If we have the land, we can stay together and survive.”
(From Uncle Polky Virginia Pub Co,St Louis Mo., p.48)