Wm Julius Polk Jr
Luncheon Conversations

Interviewer: John Curley

Jan - Nov 2000


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  1. Jan 20 2000 - Length:49m.26s - Early childhood, Early Friendships, Barat Hall and Convent, St Louis U High, French Lessons.
  2. Jan 27 2000 - Length:58m.55s - Boyhood and Early Adulthood, Soap Mouth Wash, John Mullanphy and Taille History, Summers at Taille, Loss of Hat Company, 4969 Pershing History.
  3. Feb 03 2000 - Length:60m.20s - Grizelda Moniker, Polky's Grandmother, Kelly-Donahoe New York History (at ~36 min), Remembering
    Grandmother Delphine (at ~58 min), Hazelridge, Gardener Uncle Powell, Sale of Californa Ranch (at ~1hr.16min), Texas Ranch History.
  4. Feb 10 2000 - Length:48m.55s - Polk History, Tennessee Grandparents Rufus and Cynthia Polk, Move to Arkansas, Polk Life in Little Rock, Wm Julius moves to St Louis, Finances Brother Charles' Law School,Origin of 'Polky', Polks at Yale, Parties at Trail's End
  5. Feb 24 2000 - Length:57m.41s - 28 Westmoreland Place, Pierce-Arrow to Deane's Drug Store, Gimme Girls
  6. Mar 09 2000 - Length:59m.57s - Polky works dude ranch during day, dances at night. Rutgers Barkley writes 'innumerable' post cards to friends. Summoned home from California by father - bills for New Haven first edition books from Brick Row Bookshop in New Haven had arrived. Had to work to pay off debt for next year rather than returning to Yale. A "jolt". Books still in library. Rejected by Oaks fraternity in St Louis, black balled by cousin William Lee Polk (Charley Polk's son). Recollections of Horton family dude ranch as wrangler. Mahler dance lessions
  7. Mar 30 2000 - Length:93m.46s - Remembering Delphine, the Lamberts, Bakewells, Walshes, Vandeventer Place, Theaters
    Marx Bros. This may be both Mar 30 and Apr 27 recordings but labeling on tapes is ambiguous
  8. Apr 06 2000 - Length:46m.40s - Recollections of Grizelda, Alicia, sale of Taille, acquisition and management of Moone Athy
  9. Jun 29 2000 - Length:54m.04s - Reminiscing about Family Photo Album - Western Tour of Banf, Seattle. Grand Canyon trek, French Play for Little Sisters of the Poor starring Walshes, Polks, Corley, Mahaffeys, Schaflys. Trip to Algiers ending at Browns Hotel in London, etc
  10. Jul 13 2000 - Length:48m.55s - Bixby family history, Walnut romance in Texas, Bolton Landing Lake George; $5 furnishing of Bolton Landing;Polky visits Lake George.Photo album review of Mary Delphine Chambers, Uncle Powell Farm, WWI photos Dellie and Joan, Bixby/Defty history, Pan AM founding by Harold Bixby, Menton French Riviera (where Alicia met Chichester), Bermuda(Julius and Sara E honeymoon)
  11. Sep 07 2000 - Length:36m.04s - History of John Mullanphy in France, then America, eventually settling in St Louis, at Taille de Noyer. Taille loss by eminent domain in 1960. Florissant Valley Historical Society saves most of Taille. New farm purchase recommended by Grizelda. Purchase of Moone Athy in St Charles, plans by English architect Eric Defty for its redisgn. Trust established to cover, together with cattle and hay income, the taxes. Emotional recollections (27m:25s)of Sarah Eliza's Depression Era admonition to keep land for subsistence - basic back stop. Continues story in car after Racquet Club, building Annex for granny Sarah E.'s cook.
  12. Oct 26 2000 - Length:40m.05s - Recollections St Louis History, 1920's. 1927: Learning of Lindberg's flight; Harry Knight, Harold and Bill Bixby, Lambert, St Louis Lindberg supporters and friends of family. Bell and Kinlock Telephone Co's, 2 digit numbers. 1927 Tornado. Crystal set radios. CapeHart victrola players, Grizelda and ragtime in palm room. Crash of stock market 1928 while sophmore at Yale. WWI songs "Hello operator, give me No Man's Land, my daddy's there."
  13. Nov 02 2000 - Length:40m.05s - Polky seems very depressed, recalcitrant. Prodded for recollections St Louis History, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's. FDR and depression, prohibition ends in 1933, WPA and art. Navy 1941-1945. At 4969 Pershing when Pearl Harbor was attacked - "thrilled", because we would join war against Germany and Japan. Through Lemoine Skinner learned of and joined Aviation Volunteer Service. Martha Love and Dojean Lane go to Mexico, Caje Napolis, where many European royal refugees assembled. 1944 took leave in Mexico City Cassanova nightclub with music and dancing with Martha Love. Marquesa de Ollai from Russia, a beauty and a spy. 1944 St Louis, Archbishop Glennon - told unmarried Polky that "older you get, the more picky and the more undesirable you become...". A predecessor, bishop Gilfillin, was Polky's godfather.

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