Misty May Ain’t In It

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No. 191

In an attempt to elicit clan participation in sending photos/videos/texts describing their summer activities, I’m submitting this unabashedly self-congratulatory video of one of our Olympian contenders competing in the Bucking Surf Board Category for 3 year olds. I’m sure you can provide something similar if not quite as amazing as Margaret Smith’s performance shown below…

Way to go Margaret!


Winter Olympics…

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The Albany Clan submits this last blast of hibernal enthusiasm from Garnet Hill Lodge, Upstate New York. Here’s what Uncle Bill Cromie had to say:

“[We] had a great family outing this past weekend with the whole crew minus Clare, Lawrence and Darren. Lots of snow and this is one of the ways crazy northeasterners have fun in the winter time. Wanted to share them with you and all the family sends their love.

Cynthia has a new four legged boyfriend named Finn McCool who sticks pretty close to her in deep snow!!”


Gin (having won giant slalom), Susan and Dan

William with Ayuyl (As Yet Unidentified Young Lovely)
doing Freestyle Aerials

Radiant Gin

Preparing for Ski Jump
Dan, Susan, Gin, William, Ayuyl, and Uncle Bill

Kate doing Freestyle Moguls

Super-G Star Liam Cromie

Photographer Cynthia Cromie with Finn McCool, International Observer


At this same time, out here in the midwaste, our Farm Manager is busy with the late winter burn off. This is done to keep undergrowth under control, promote wildflower diversity, and inhibit the spread of undesirable invasives such as the dread brush honeysuckle. On pond levees this also prevents growth of trees which disturb the pond structure.

First we kindle a small fire to get things started…


A Typical Aunt Sarah Winter Burn

Fine Result at Aunt Grizelda’s Pond Levee
Note High-End Firefighting Gear


Such is the diversity of the Chambers Clan… Happy Ides of March…