A Metro Retro

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No. 208


St Louisan Trebor Jay Tichner, one of the foremost American performers and historians of ragtime music, suffered a stroke on Dec 1st. I’d like to acknowledge his contribution to the maintenance of our musical heritage, not to mention all that he, Al Stricker and their group The St Louis Ragtimers have done for St Louis over the past 50 years. So here’s a stellar clip of Trebor at his best (1986, Goldenrod Showboat, St Louis National Ragtime Festival) performing Scott Joplin’s Pineapple Rag:

Alicia Withers and Grizelda Skinner were frequent attendees at the National Ragtime Festival and would approve. We include Trebor in our prayers and wish him a speedy recovery.


Thanks to Tom Dunn at Gateway Arch Riverboat Cruises , we have this Metro Retro photo taken on 4240 Olive Street in 1961. I’m sure it, like the video above, will bring back memories for the older Rumpians.

The Crystal Palace


This photo from the Metro Transit Blog notes that Barbara Streisand, age 18, then did a 3 week stint at the Crystal Palace. The posting adds that “Others who took the Crystal’s stage included Lenny Bruce, Mike Nichols and Elaine May, Woody Allen, Phyllis Diller, the Smothers Brothers and Dick Gregory”. Pretty impressive lineup.

The Chamberlain and his entire staff extend their best wishes to the clan for a Merry Christmas. Many of them will be travelling north (!) for the holiday and will provide snow-filled images in the unlikely event that they survive.


Belated Photo Recap 2013 – Part 1

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Finally had time to catch up with the past few month’s activites, beginning with a terrific Memorial Day gathering of the clan at Moone Athy. Most locals made it out. A special treat was the visit by many of the Cromies from the right coast. Here’s a glimpse or two, with apologies to those attending but missed by the photographer…

Cinematographer Gin Danny, Liam and Jack
‘Eddie Arcaro’ Jack Kim P. with Halcomb Boys
Madeline Judd Kate Cromie
Sarah Porter Law Walnut Tally Cynthia
Blossom et al George Judy and Handler
Liza, Kathy, Katherine and Horse Susan C with ‘Arcaro’ Jack
Soph in Harness Trekkers
GateKeeper Kate C Post Game Wrap Up

Next up in the Belated Photos Catch Up Series, the Eddie Fehlig Wedding!


Our Sundance Kid

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Gin Cromie and her crew of filmmakers won a major award at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival this year. The film is titled The Square and it won the Audience Award in the World Cinema Documentary category. The film covers the momentous February 2011 Tahrir (Liberation) Square revolution in Cairo, Egypt. The Egyptian-American director, Jehane Noujaim, is quick to compliment her associates: “It was a true collaboration. My incredible amazing team who I love so much.”

Cast and Credits

Director: Jehane Noujaim
Executive Producers: Mike Lerner, Geralyn Dreyfous, Maxyne Franklin
Producer: Karim Amer
Associate Producer: Virginia Cromie, Yasmin Kamal
Cinematographer: Muhammad Hamdy
Editors: Stefan Ronowicz, Mohammed El Manisterly, Christopher de la Torre, Pierre Haberer
Camera: Ahmed Hassan, Cressida Trew

Not only great technical skill but dedication and courage were necessary to achieve this success. We are very proud to be connected, Gin! Congratulations and keep up the great work.


Almost Spring

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A few random notes and pictures from recent strolls through Moone Athy, where the days are getting longer and warmer.


On the wildflower path, the first irises have just appeared – thanks to Aunt Delphine. This will lift one’s spirits.


Aunt Delphine’s Irises

In the winter each year we do burns of the pond berms and pastures to enhance growth of native prairie flora and to prevent damage to the ponds.

Controlled Woodland Burn

Here’s a field at the south end of the Deer Print pasture that was burned earlier this winter. Prairie wildflower seeds have been sown here.

Burnt pasture. Later in spring we’ll show the grasses that emerge.

Here’s a gigantic burl – we’d like to get this into the hands of Bill Cromie to see what he could do with it on his lathe.

Giant Burl

Another unusual sighting…evil eye ice formation at the northern property edge…

Look at this!

Finally, another Quiz. Where’s this? Winner gets a free sit…

Where’s This?




Here She Is!

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This 57 sec clip is Alicia Rose’s first stroll down the runway…Quite the beauty. A brief musical intro by Fats Waller precedes her entry

Clan Update

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Here are a few bullet points to update you on family goings on. OurRumpus has been in semi-hibernatiion this winter and with the arrival of a few warm days expect renewed cluttering of your in-boxes.

  • Moone Athy Farm News
  • The 2010 Farm Report has been completed and can be accessed here

  • 4969 Pershing Update
  • The 2010 Report on 4969 Pershing Place has been completed and can be accessed here

  • Family Member Update
  • We want to alert the family to the fact that three family members have been ill this winter. Aunt Alicia is recovering from a stroke that occurred about three weeks ago and is reported by Eleanor Withers to be recovering nicely. She has just returned home but is not yet able to have visitors. Also Mildred Schmidt, Kim Pentland’s mom, has been ill and undergoing chemotherapy. Kim reports that Mildred has responded well to date and is now at home being cared for by Kim and David. Finally, Cal Gatch Jr experienced and fortunately has recovered from a serious pulmonary illness recently and is now doing well. We will keep Mildred, Aunt Alicia, and Uncle Cal in our prayers.

    This has been a particularly long hard winter, with lots of snow across the country, continuing right up to the present. Here is a farm photo taken from our first snowfall last fall, before we knew what was in store for us. Now that daylight savings is back and the days are perceptibly longer, you might even be able to enjoy it – you can click/drag/zoom around it a bit if so inclined.

Hills Ablaze

More to follow!


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