An Overdue Seasonal Tribute

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Thanksgiving at Moone Athy was a great success thanks to Jennie Quick and her many helpers, most notably Eleanor Kalish and Sarah Fehlig. We all enjoyed a delicious meal in the lovely new surroundings at the renovated farmhouse. Special thanks are owed to Sarah Fehlig who has purchased a beautiful new digital piano for the family. Family musicians provided background music for the dinner. Here are a few photos which feature the debut of new clan members attending their first Thanksgiving at Moone Athy. It was great to have Claiborne Skinner down from Chicago. We missed, among others, the Laws – Hugh is recovering from knee surgery in warmer climes.

The Che Tee pictured above is available from the Chamberlain, attractively priced at $65 ea, deliverable in time for Christmas (only within the continental US).



A tardy posting

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There have been several newsworthy events since our last (alas, way back in January!) publication. At the very top of this list we are delighted to welcome our newest clansman James Stephen Forster, born one month ago, May 16, 2015, at 8:00 in the evening, apparently prosperous (7 lbs, 14 oz, or, for Lincoln Chafee supporters, 3.57204 kilos). Clan accolades are owed to Suzanne and Stephen, and also to grandparents Donna and Peter Forster, and Karen and Bill Skinner!


James Stephen Forster

James Stephen Forster

Next, we are happy to share some images from the recent wedding of Emily Gatch and Alex de la Fuente. This spectacular event took place in Coral Gables FL on March 26, 2015. Here is some context for the happy occasion, kindly provided by Barbara Gatch:

“Emily Gatch and Alex de la Fuente, who met at Harvard, were married on March 26, 2015 at the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, Florida , where Alex’s paternal grandparents live.

It was a joyous celebration of close friends from around the country, the de la Fuente and Gatch contingents and great Cuban food and music.

Alex and Emily continue to enjoy Seattle where Alex is an emergency room physician. Emily completed her doctorate in plant pathology from Washington State University and is teaching at Edmunds Community college.”


The ‘joyous’ aspect of this celebration is clearly on display in the following photos:


Doctors Emily and Alex

Emily and Alex

Emily and Attendants

Emily and Attendants

Emily and Proud Papa

Emily and Proud Papa


Bridesmaids Adrianna and Abigail with Emily

Gatch Contingent Laws, and Tatums (sans Patriarch Edward)

Gatch Contingent
Fehligs, Laws, and Tatums
(sans Patriarch Edward)

Calboy, Becky and Daisy Gatch

Calboy, Becky and Daisy Gatch

The Lord Chamberlain is hopeful that the new family Fuente connection includes access to the famed Fuente cigar factory in Cuba! Is Alex related to Arturo?

None Finer!

None Finer!

The clan wishes all the best to the newlywed Fuentes!

Next we have two news items from Betsy Barbieri. We send a belated congratulations to Betsy and Al on the marriage last fall (Oct 2014) of their daughter Cecelia Barbieri to Thomas Constantiello. Tom is the founder and owner of Consus Wealth Management LLC in Columbus OH. The wedding took place at the Old Cathedral in St Louis. Many thanks to Betsy for sending in this photo of the newlyweds:

Cecelia and Tom Constantiello Oct 2014

Cecelia and Tom Constantiello
Oct 2014


Betsy adds another heads up for the family:

SaveTheDate- 170 Mass


“I need your help to get the word out on your “Chambers web-site”. All family members are invited. It is good the Mullanphy descendants come because some people still think there are no Mullanphys left.

September 13th, 2015 is a celebration of the 170th anniversary of the founding of St. Vincent de Paul Society in the United States. Of course, Bryan Mullanphy and Dr. Moses Linton are the founders along with 11 other men.

Would you please post this information on the site. I will send the actual invitation in July.”

We look forward to getting more details about this celebration and will post them for the family.

We’ll end this posting with a request from Betsy for a missing Mullanphy photograph:

“One more item to put in your Ourrumpus Information.

We have pictures of each of our fore-bearers: Jane, Octavia, Catherine, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary and Bryan.

We do not have a photograph of ELLEN. She was the oldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Mullanphy. She died in 1827 in Paris.

I have asked different relatives to look in your old picture albums and see if you have it. There was a photograph or painting of her and it is said, the Chambers had it (that’s us).

I would like to make a copy of it for the Missouri Historical Society to complete the family portrait.


Once we have all of these images it would be nice to have them available for viewing in our Gallery.

Thanks to those who have contributed to today’s posting. Hope all will have a nice summer holiday!


Quarterly Update

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Here is a long overdue update on family goings-on over the past several months, and like our last posting, includes both glad and sad tidings. Thanks to a request for a notification (see below) from David Pentland, LC has been stirred from his hibernation.

First we must report our sad news. Alicia Salter informs us that Ray has developed a very serious neurological llness and is undergoing testing which is incomplete at this writing. We will all keep him and his family in our prayers and update you when we have more information from Alicia.

Our glad news is very happy indeed. If you have not learned of the newest clan member here he is:

Oliver Chambers Easthope

Oliver Chambers Easthope

The happy note from the Easthopes with Oliver’s specs:

“We are overjoyed to announce that Oliver Chambers Easthope was born on 1.15.15 at 5:35pm, measuring 6lbs 7oz and 20.5 inches. Henry is elated to be a big brother and we are thrilled to be settling in at home as a new family of four!

Anne, David, Henry & Oliver”

Such good news Anne and David. We hope to see Oliver out here at the Chambers’ headwaters soon!

Last Thanksgiving at Moone Athy, graciously hosted by Sarah Fehlig, we were fortunate to have several out of town family visitors, including Nick Salter, Lemoine and Sophie Skinner, and Sarah Law. A highlight of the day was a concert put on by Sarah Fehlig – a thank you is in order for all her work in printing up music for the family Chambers Chamber Orchestra, and for the collection and printing of the vocal parts as well.

Maestra Fehlig Conducts

Maestra Fehlig Conducts

String Section

String Section

Woodwind Section

Woodwind Section

Chamber Chorus

Chamber Chorus

Nick and Cousins

Nick and Cousins

Chorus Member Marianne Joy

Chorus Member Marianne Joy

Again thanks to all, especially the Fehligs, for making this a memorable Thanksgiving.

Congratulations are in order for David Pentland who sent this to the family:


“This is my new rugby team – I’m one of three founders, starting Dec 2014. We are based in Illinois near the Glen Carbon area. I’ll be the forwards coach (scrum coach). The Polk family has a great legacy of ruggers, I am proud to keep the tradition going. Could you please post my new Mercenaries rugby logo on ourrumpus? Just like all rugby teams we are always looking for players sponsors and fans.


Any of the younger men (sorry girls…) can contact Davey to join up! Uncle Bill Cromie will be proud of your commitment to the sport!

Till the next trickle down…


Bittersweet Family Notes

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We have some sad news from the UK. Alicia Salter reports that on Oct 6 Charlie Petre died peacefully in his sleep. Here is Alicia’s correspondence for the family:

I have some sad news to tell you as Charlie died very peacefully in his sleep early on Monday morning October 6th. It was a very merciful death. As I think you know he suffered a stroke 18 months ago, unfortunately a serious one and, although he could walk perfectly well and looked exactly the same, he never regained his speech. He did however recognise people and his response to any greeting was to raise his eyes to heaven!

He suffered a heart attack about three weeks ago and of course they could do nothing and he returned home again about ten days ago. By this time he was very weak and slept most of the time.
Mel has been absolutely amazing and has been a tower of strength. He has been nursed at home for nearly a year with 24 hour care in a beautiful room with a lovely view over the garden and all the dogs scampering about. He certainly appreciated his comfort but was pretty obstinate when it came to any therapies refusing very often to even try. To get him into a wheel chair so he could participate in any happening was a major difficulty. But then of course he loved it….

Mel has slept next door in the Drawing Room so as to give the nurses a good night’s sleep and has always been there if one went to visit to ease the visitor’s path. She was determined he shouldn’t die in hospital and has been so patient keeping everyone happy, often in a fraught situation.
The funeral is on Friday October 17th at Hook which is the church Granny Chichester built in 1956 or so. All the Petres have worshiped there for many years and it is the church Ray and I got married in.

With love


Here is a nostaglic flashback, a photo of Lemoine Skinner speaking with Charlie (to left) and the other Petre ‘War Orphans’ (Rocky and Alicia) at Lemoine and Grizelda’s wedding in 1941.


Thank you Alicia for notifying us about this loss. We extend our sympathy to Mel, Fenella, the entire Petre family and all the English cousins.

As this posting’s title suggests, there is also some good news as well as sad. We announce the eagerly anticipated arrival of a new clan member, indeed another Sarah Eliza. This time it is a Sarah Eliza O’Toole. She is reported to have arrived rather hurriedly at 7:30 PM on September 29 at the Wexford General Hospital.


What an adorably formidable namesake for Sarah Eliza Walsh! Congratulations Clare, Laurence, Darren and Maeve!



SGP Advances

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Announcing two major breakthroughs in the Skinner Genome Project, one on each coast. Listing them in chronological order, from East Coast to West:

May 31, 2014: Christina and William Skinner proudly present their daughter Emma Louise.

Emma Louis Skinner, b 31 May 2014 NYC

Emma Louis Skinner,
b 31 May 2014 NYC

Grandmother Karen with  E.L.

Grandmother Karen with E.L.

Grandpa and E.L.

Grandfather Bill and E.L.

Neither grandparent appears too displeased with this turn of events. Word has it that Emma Louise insisted the family move from Manhattan to nearby Bronxville. Father Will reported to have said she will not be allowed back into Manhattan until she is 30! Congratulations to Will and Christina. We hope Emma L will be touring the Midwest before too long.

June 6 2014: Now moving on out to California, Kate Skinner and Duncan Manning are married in San Francisco.

Kate and Duncan tie knot

Kate and Duncan tie knot

Manning and Skinner Families at scene

Manning and Skinner families

One happy couple

One happy couple

Tersh and Kathy Skinner hosted a small reception after the ceremony but have requested that everyone save the date next June 6th, 2015, for a family-wide celebration at Moone Athy Farm. Duncan and Kate met while students at St John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and shortly will be moving to the Big Apple where Duncan will be working for Standard and Poor’s Financial Services. The family wishes the new couple the very best!


An Ode to Joy

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Thanks to Delphine Fehlig Sha we now have a photo of the newest, 2014 vintage, clan member, Marianne Joy Fehlig.


Marianne Joy Fehlig


Marianne was born punctually, right before midnight, on her due date, 15 Jan 2014. Delphine adds:

“She is named after her late great grandmother, Mary, & her grandmother, Joyce (Lory’s mother), on Lory’s side of the family. Her late great-grandmother, Mary Ellebracht, was happy to know about her namesake before Mary died, about a week later.”

Infant Joy

‘I have no name;
I am but two days old.’
What shall I call thee?
‘I happy am,
Joy is my name.’
Sweet joy befall thee!

Pretty joy!
Sweet joy, but two days old.
Sweet Joy I call thee:
Thou dost smile,
I sing the while;
Sweet joy befall thee!

William Blake

Congratulations from the clan to Ed and Lory. Marianne already shows her great great grandmother Sarah Chambers’s fondness for flowers. What a welcome addition!


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