MMS at Moone Athy

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The Missouri Mycological Society, led by C.C. Thompkins visited Moone Athy on April 9th for a field trip. A large group of Fungophiles hit the trails and cataloged a diverse collection of specimens observed on the property. Here is the list of sightings from the outing:


As you can see there were more than 20 Genus/Species combinations spotted. C.C. generously presented the farm with Missouri’s Wild Mushrooms handbook as a token of appreciation from the society which will be on the Moone Athy bookshelf for anyone interested in improving their identification skills.

Here are a few images of some of our mushrooms, as well as of a few others of interest.


Everyone’s Favorite – the Morel

Beware the False Morel

The Devil’s Urn

Witch’s Butter

Potentially Deadly Amanita


As noted previously, a flash flood struck Brushy Fork early in the week. Unfortunately the best photos were lost with the collapse of my cell phone, but here are a couple pictures of the damage. Anyone coming out to Moone Athy for Easter will see the extent of the damage firsthand.


Remnants of Randy Stone’s Fence

Current Resting Place of Footbridge to Grizelda’s Pond


Many contestants have ventured onto the pitch for the botanical quiz, the winner(s) of which will be announced at the Easter gathering. Note: the American Botanical Quiz Association Rule Number 147.1 is deprecated. Multiple random guesses do diminish the award (if any) for the party submitting said random conjectures, even if he/she happens eventually to stumble upon the correct answer. In addition, the entrant who submitted the “pumpkin seedling” response cannot expect much from the Awards Committee. Be forwarned.