Mehr Kinder Kunst

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No. 105

Wunderkind Katie Kromie has submitted, via her Onkel Jack, the newest work of Kinder Kunst. Who would have guessed that beneath her sweet exterior such primal power was lurking. Gerhard Richter couldn’t have done it better.

Untitled, Finger Paints on Canvas, The Stamford Collection, 2009

Our thanks to Katie Cromie for sharing her talent and to her Onkel Jack for forwarding Kate’s submission.

More to follow…


Die Kunst von Kindern

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While I don’t know German, I wish I did. Therefore for no better reason I will use this thread as an opportunity to learn some. The title of this post is supposed to mean “children’s art”. But I am happy to stand corrected if German speaking family members will only provide a little instruction.

Anyhow, in addition to learning Deutsch, I’ve also long wanted to offer a forum to display the artistic talents of our children, grandchildren, or indeed family members of any age. Here is a wonderful drawing by Jack McClelland which I have called “The Chorus Line”. It’s clear he has a sister and a cousin who are ballerinas. I’m not sure who are tossing all the bouquets (Sträuße) but they are well deserved.

The Chorus Line

Now I expect some submissions of artwork, either Kinder Kunst or your very own childlike adult art. Just scan it or photo it and send it as an email attachment and we’ll post it. I know there’s both talent and an appreciative audience out there. In addition, it’ll help me learn a little German.

auf Wiedersehen