Tale of Two Tutus

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No. 126

Our Image of the Month is really two images this time, two quite different takes on the same theme. But then there’s no constraining talent like this…


Symphony in Too Blue Tutu

Pastoral Pinks


UPDATE: Management does strive to keep family abreast of important affairs such as those illustrated above. Also to that end, we will post Status Reports about matters such as the Farm, 4969 Pershing, and other riveting topics from time to time. These will appear in the Library Sidebar under Reports for your perusal. The 2009 Farm Report is clickable on the right. Comments/Questions welcome…

Image of the Month

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June’s image of the month, thanks to Zel McClelland….

Intermission for the Ballerinas


Image of the Month

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Here’s our May Image of the Month – a bit past its prime but, nonetheless, startling:

I’m told this is Brunneria Macrophylla. It heralded an especially delightful spring at Moone Athy.

The upcoming Skinner Reunion is eagerly awaited. A full report will follow…


News and Notes

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It’s been awhile since we did “news and notes” for the clan. So let’s catch up:

Ed Fehlig has recently opened a law practice – here are a few excerpts from his announcement email

“As you may already know, I have started my own law firm. As part of my practice I am a:

  • CJA Attorney in Federal Court in the Eastern District of Missouri, where I have been using my Spanish skills to represent many Spanish speaking Defendants.
  • Professor of Law at the University of Central America in San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • Interpreter for the Federal Magistrate Judges.

I now have wide ranging experience from working on a number of international projects. If you have a project you need help with, then let me know…

I am also excited to announce that I am legal counsel for EZ Email Marketing. If you are sending emails to your contact list that could be perceived as advertising, then you should make sure that you are in full compliance with email marketing laws and regulations. Visit www.ezemailmarketing.net to find out more!”

Ed’s website can be found here and his email is ed@fehlig.com

Alicia Siddiqui is now up and about and able to resume her baking business after a hiatus due to a broken leg. Alicia says:

“Alicia Siddiqui is on her feet and Baby Cakes is back in business!

Please let me help you with your next holiday or birthday party, wedding, shower, family get-together, book club, etc. There is always an occasion to eat cupcakes!”

Alicia’s website can be found here

Finally, the November Image of the Month

November on the Pond

November – Aunt Grizelda’s Pond

The Chamberlain

Glimpses IV

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England will be the focus of the next few issues of our family Glimpses series, with Molly and Gareth Wynn Owen as the subjects of today’s posting. Molly and Gareth have very generously responded to our intrusive requests with commentary and great photos which reveal something of their adventuresome lives.

This photo (by Gareth ?) won the August Image of the Month Award. It captures, in an image, Molly’s spirit…

Here’s what the Wynn Owens have to say…

“And what are we up to??

Gareth is working on the Iraqi desk for the British Foreign Office, concentrating on internal politics. His dedicated line is, ‘things ARE improving’. We’ll leave it at that!

I am working for a small consulting firm on sustainability/environmental issues. I primarily advise commerical property developers on how to make their buildings more sustainable. We’re also trying to progress a few carbon credit projects in Africa but facing all of the challenges that Africa presents.

We will probably be in London for another year before we’re posted abroad again. We’d love to see anyone and everyone in the civilized UK before we head to the deepest, darkest corners of the developing world. Our near future travel plans include hiking the West Highland Way in Scotland in September and we’re hoping to have a week of beach indulgence in North Africa sometime in the late fall.”

Molly then added these terrific photos of recent travels:

Molly and Gareth Cycling in London Walking the English Countryside
Fall 2007 -Visiting Turkey with the Salters Vietnam Coast
Springtime 2008 Trip to Rome Nick Salter hosts the Wynn Owens for Dinner

Many thanks to Molly and Gareth for forwarding these materials. Your adventures provide much vicarious pleasure for us more sedentary clan members.

Coming Attractions

Molly and Gareth have also sent in recent photos of the English Cousins (the Salters, Petres, and Cookes) who will be the subject of our next installment of Glimpses. Hope you will tune in then…

The Chamberlain

Image of the Month

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July’s Image of the Month winner, Cal Gatch III, has submitted this outstanding photo:

As you’ll see shortly, Cal’s photograph serves as a segue into our newest OurRumpus series, Glimpses.

Stay tuned…

The Chamberlain

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