A Big News Roundup

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Fresh from the forge…best news first. From Eleanor and Ralph Kalish comes a most welcome update:

Manning is home from Afghanistan! We have seen the whites of his eyes and hugged and kissed him in Watertown, NY (home of the 10th Mountain Division at Ft Drum). To say that he looks great is a gross understatement! Thank you for all your support and prayers. We are more appreciative than we can ever say.
Thank you and love,
Eleanor and Ralph

In addition to that, The Kalishes also received culinary praise from St Louis Magazine where a recent review of their new eatery Crushed Red was a home run. You can read about it here. To quote from the review, Ralph and Powell “crushed it!”

This past weekend, Anne Dollimore organized a very successful outing at Moone Athy – the first concerted family effort to take on the dread amur honeysuckle scourge which has ravished our woodlands. Anne was able to recruit a large team of both family and friends and an extraordinarily beautiful day was spent extirpating this noxious invasive. Participants included Jennie and Richard Quick, Eddie Fehlig, Davie Pentland, CiCi and Charles Thompkins, Hugh and Katherine Law, as well as several of their friends and neighbors. This is a first effort in a long term endeavor. Initially I was skeptical about the prognosis for this but having observed Sarah Dunn’s success at Dunnhill over the past five years I have become a full fledged convert. I add here some small images showing the chief characteristics of this invasive, its lance like leaves, bright berries, and its propensity to take over.


Cartoon Showing Amur

An Understory Ruined by Honeysuckle

Amur Flowers

Honeysuckle Berries


Here are a few snapshots of some of the amur eradication crew. Apologies to those not included…


Cheri Hoffman

Talmage Newton and Anne

Davey Pentland


Finally, and completely unrelated, here’s the second installment of Polky’s Audio History in the Cloud – about an hour’s recording done at the Racquet Club St Louis, 27 February 2000, by John Curley. As promised, these are being gradually digitalized and uploaded – some fascinating history…

Loading audio…


Fern Quiz Prize Awarded to Clan Member

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The Carter Center has kindly agreed to subsidize the family Botanical Quiz Prize and has generously donated a lovely centerpiece to Calvin F. Gatch Jr for his correct guess Onoclea sensibilis. The Trustees felt that quibbling (see Comments) about the failure to identify the location was counterproductive. Here is a photo of the prize.

Interior/Exterior Floral Centerpiece. Click for larger view

Many thanks to the Carter Center, and to the many less fortunate that submitted guesses about the Spring Botanical Quiz, “Better luck next time!”


Amaryllis at last…

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The cold, sunless days of winter in Wisconsin receive a February surprise in Calvin and Becky’s farmhouse. The gift is from our dear departed Granny (Delphine Polk Gatch) who for many years was kind enough to send amaryllis bulbs in December to all her children and grandchildren. That added up to a lot of amaryllis plants. Not all of them survived. It takes time to take care for amaryllis and even if they are planted in the spring – who remembers to dig them up and pot them each fall before the frost?

Becky Gatch is our family amaryllis expert, having saved and brought the bulbs back to bloom each winter since 2001. Each February the Gatch family is rewarded with a magnificent display of beautiful blooms. Daisy, Abbey and now Cal IV have grown up posing with each year’s huge blooms. Mother Gatch would indeed be gratified by and proud of Becky’s efforts and the blossoms that emerge in the farmhouse in February.

If you ask Becky her secret, she will gladly tell you – horse manure!

Editor’s Note: amaryllis comes from the Greek word ἀμαρύσσω which means “I sparkle, twinkle”.