Kalish July 4 Greeting, etc

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Here’s our annual 4th of July update from the Kalish family to the Chamber-at-Large, thanks to Eleanor!

Kalish Clan

“We hope that this finds you healthy, in good spirits
and enjoying a splendid summer.

GRAHAM, as a specialty retail store bear, continues to market Build-A-Bear Workshop specialty stores, “the leading and only global company that offers an interactive make-your-own stuffed animal retail-entertainment experience.” Joining two of his high school classmates, he moved into a large bachelor pad apartment in an historic building adjacent to Forest Park. Graham celebrated his 25th birthday with family and high school friends in Chicago with many epicurean delights, trips to the top of the Willis and Hancock buildings, and the Shedd Aquarium. Down the road, Graham is contemplating the leap to graduate school for a masters in entrepreneurship and would be happy to share (gwk4588@gmail.com) his preferred programs to see if you have any insights, connections to admission offices or alumni at:

Standford University
Stanford Graduate School of Business
University of California – Los Angeles
Anderson School of Management
University of California – Berkeley
Haas School of Business
Duke University
The Fuqua School of Business
University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill
Kenan-Flagler Business School
Babson College
F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business
Indiana University
Kelley School of Business
The George Washington University
School of Business
University of Arizona
Eller College of Management
Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
School of Global Management
Northwestern University
Kellogg School of Management
University of Texas at Austin
McCombs School of Business
University of San Francisco
Masagung Graduate School of Management
Saint Louis University
John Cook School of Business
University of Illinois – Chicago
Liautaud Graduate School of Business

POWELL juggles his job at Hilliker Corporation and the expansion of Crushed Red. Working with Ralph and their partner, Chris LaRocca, they opened their second store this spring in Kirkwood, MO, and are working on more down the line. Powell successfully launched a “young friends” support group for St. Luke’s hospital. After three and a half years living in his downtown loft with two roommates, Powell is putting it on the market and house hunting. He just celebrated his one-year with his lovely girlfriend Danielle Ruest; who like no one before, has been able to keep him in check.

MANNING and Mel (Mary Elliott McKetta) are doing quite well down in Austin. Mel is clerking for the Travis County probate judge. Manning has been substitute teaching in the Austin Independent School District and studying statistics (for some percentage of the time). Manning will apply to graduate programs that combine law and policy this fall for the following year. Currently they are in South America, exploring Peru, Chile, and Colombia. When not stirring up international mayhem they enjoy cooking, Formula 1 racing, exploring and re-exploring Austin, and making fun of their dog Oogie (who doesn’t understand but smiles and slobbers just the same).

ELEANOR became a docent for the newly renovated Central Library. The Beaux Arts library originally completed in 1911 and designed by Cass Gilbert offers complimentary tours on Mondays and Saturdays. She continues to be a volunteer (now called “Destination Specialist”) at the airport and whenever possible the Forest Park Visitors Centers on behalf of the CVC (ST. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission). In that capacity, Eleanor had the opportunity for an “up close and Personal” experience with Solar Impulse (www.solarimpulse.com) when it stopped in St. Louis on its trans-America flight. She persuaded the Kalishmen to join her for another viewing a couple of days later. Learning Portuguese has taken a hiatus during the warmer months but is no less interesting. Eleanor’s high school class has initiated quarterly gatherings in the past year+ with the wonderful effect of re-newing old friendships and “newing” new ones.

RALPH continues his law practice with Husch Blackwell, which has changed in two respects. The firm has reorganized its attorneys into industry groups such that Ralph is – presto – a Food & Ag lawyer. Also, the firm extended its reach by merging with a 65 lawyer Texas firm, happily with an office in Austin to facilitate trips there to see sweet Mel and not as sweet Manning. Through the kind and loving direction of Bobby Miller, a lost but recovered dear friend from grammar school and a theatrical genius, Ralph performed again in a “new and Improved” production of Branch Rickey for six nights at the Gaslight Theater in STL. Ralph was humbled by the kindness of family and friends coming into town from the west, south and east coasts to see the play. Ralph loves working with Powell on Crushed Red (see Powell’s blurb). Ralph had a bike accident, on June 1 breaking his clavicle. This incident underscores Ralph’s commitment to St. Luke’s Hospital, where he was treated for his injury and where he completed his two-year term as President of Friends of St. Luke’s and beat the fundraising goal by a generous amount. Ralph & Eleanor hosted Ralph’s high school class’ 45th reunion, proving the old Sophocles adage: “A man growing old becomes a child again.”
With several short trips – southern California, Chicago and New York behind us and a few more in front of us, we are particularly looking forward to a family trip to Lake Tahoe later this month for some much needed catch-up time with Manning. We plan to bike, kayak (Ralph won’t be able to yet), eat, play, hike and relax.

It is with profound sadness that we had to euthanize our beloved dog Petey in early May; we miss her terribly.

July 4, 2013 With love from our gang to yours…….”

What with weddings, a brand new Muscovite, and much happening at Moone Athy we have a lot to report in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Might as well end up with a total non-sequitur. Here’s a link to an hilarious narrative. It provides an idea as to tuning up our farm septic system. Enjoy!

Enhanced Septic Services

As an addendum, if anyone of you has an inclination to pitch in on the OurRumpus blogging for the family just let the Chamberlain know. I know several of you have your own blogs – there is not much to it. Or if you’re just interested in learning how, think about joining up…

Hasta lluego vaceros y vaceras!


Antiquarians of Note

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Kudos are * in order for two of our membership, both owing to major accomplishments in studies in the arts of antiquity. First we congratulate Alicia Salter, M.A. (Oxon) M. Phil (Bath), on the publication of her new book “Four Emperors and an Architect How Robert Adam rediscovered the Tetrarchy”. Here is the synopsis from her website:

Diocletian Courtyard in Split

Diocletian Courtyard in Split

With the fall of communism, the Balkan Peninsula is now an exciting place for tourists and scholars to visit and among its previously hidden gems are the remains of the palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian (AD 244-312) in Split, Croatia.

Fourteen centuries later, Diocletian’s palace made a huge impression on an ambitious young architect, Robert Adam, who heard about it while on his Grand Tour. Although his visit to the palace was made difficult and cut short by the ruling Venetians, who suspected him of spying, it did not stop Adam, seven years later, publishing his monumental and highly successful work, The Ruins of Spalatro (as Split was then known), which confirmed him as a rising new talent.

This book tells the story of Adam’s rediscovery of the architecture of the Tetrarchs and how Diocletian’s palace inspired features in some of Adam’s most famous houses, such as Kedleston, Syon and his ill-fated Adelphi development in London. Woven into this tale is the intriguing and little-known history of the Tetrarchs themselves, the four emperors, who ruled harmoniously as colleagues for twelve years and left us with an extraordinary architectural legacy.

The Tetrarchs in Venice

The Tetrarchs in Venice

I have long admired Nick Salter’s knowledge of architecture, and now I understand how he came by it. We look forward to learning more about this period and the architect that it influenced.

Our second antiquarian, Zellie McClelland, just completed her doctorate in Classics, Art History and Archeology at Washington University. Her dissertation, “Constructions of Childhood on the Funerary Monuments of Roman Athens” discusses the artistic evolution of representation of childhood from the Classical through the Imperial periods, and the implications about changing societal views of childhood during this time. Here are some representative illustrations from her work:


Classical Period Monument

Imperial Period Monument

Alicia Salter – Burma 2006

Zel at American School
Classical Studies, Athens, 2010


Alicia’s book can be purchased (20 pounds + 3.50 pounds P&P). Email her at alicia@aliciasalter.com for details. We again take vicarious pleasure in the accomplishments of our clan members!

*[Greek kudos, magical glory.]
USAGE NOTE Kudos is one of those words like congeries that look like plurals but are etymologically singular. But as Calvin Gatch points out it takes a plural verb!
Thanks for the education Calvin!
(Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/kudos#ixzz2UhUPwwek)

Rumpian Review

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We interrupt our 2012 catch-up with this Thespian Alert*!

For those who missed his sold-out performance in 2011, you have a reprieve. Ralph Kalish has a second command performance of The Branch Rickey Story, Winning History. Ralph (Branch Rickey) re-appears at the Gaslight Theater 360 North Boyle Ave, St Louis, 63108 on Feb 15-17, 22-24. Call 314-725-4200 to get details about show times and tickets. If history is a guide, you’d better do so soon – the last time those who procrastinated couldn’t get seats!

*Alright already, it’s not Thesbian – those are people from Thesbia….no more comments please…..

Now back to our (ir)regular programming:

At least three noteworthy happenings in the past few months have not as yet been memorialized in these pages – Thanksgiving 2012, the Fehlig 50th Anniversary Celebration, and the Number One DJ Spontaneous Christmas Combustion at the Quicks. Attempts to remedy follow, beginning with a few random pics from what was a gorgeous Thanksgiving day. It was a special treat for yours truly to have an opportunity to share a leisurely walk with Uncle Ed Fehlig. His knowledge of history, art and the flora of the farm is extensive. Together he and Aunt Sarah, who were responsible for hosting this Thanksgiving’s gathering, have been an invaluable resource for the family.

Claiborne Skinner
Seminar Chair

Eddie and Lory

Dellie Sha

Sammy Sha

Adrianna, Lacrosser-Jazz Cellist

Mme Eleanor and Mlle Lucy

Dunn Platoon

Uncle Richard with Aunt Katherine

Sarah Fehlig
Turkey Day Chair

Uncle Ed at Jack’s Spot

Tatums and Shas

Gin Cromie’s Radio Flyer in Use

Check the Specs-Karen and Helene
Mouseover image!

Little Red Isabel

Pentlands, Kim and Davey

Peter S.

Uncle Bob, Capt Charlie


The 2012 Review will continue, weather permitting…


2012 Hi/Low Lites

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The MSE (Most Stylish Eyewear) competition at Moone Athy has been intense for years, with either Karen Kalish or Will Tatum generally taking the gold. This Thanksgiving however was another matter. A new competitor has joined the fray. We managed to capture her preparatory preening which we share here. Mouse over the following images to get a glimpse. Image loading may take a moment, so be patient…

Attentive readers may recognize the winner as the victim of a waterboarding scandal covered in a posting last August. Sadly, despite the hiring of Frank Gehry by Sarah Fehlig, the judges still failed to place her spectacles in the top rankings. More photos of the Thanksgiving gala to follow…


Family notes…

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Patrick O’Toole

The family extends its condolences to Laurence and Clare O’Toole with the sudden loss Jan 03, 2013 of Laurence’s father Patrick of Ballaghclay, Clonmore, Carlow. The extraordinary turnout of friends and neighbors that Clare reports is indicative of how loved he was in his community. Those of us that met Patrick at the time of Clare’s wedding can well understand this, and I am sure he took great pleasure in the arrival late in life of his grandchildren Darren and Maeve.

In late December Eleanor Withers received notification from Tom Cartwright in the UK about cousin Rocky Petre who early in December suffered a serious stroke. Early on survival was in question but Eleanor kindly forwards this encouraging update from Tom:

Sent: Tue, Jan 8, 2013 2:46 pm
Subject: Re: Rocky

Thank you Eleanor. I am pleased to say the prognosis has improved, as has Rocky. They now expect him to survive and to make sufficient recovery to return home eventually.

He is still paralysed on his left side. However he is starting to get some movement in his left leg. They think he may get enough movement back to be able to walk again with a frame ultimately, which will give him some independence. He may never get much use out of his left hand or arm, but nothing is certain.

His speech is pretty good as it was the right side of the brain which was affected by the bleed (and the left side governs speech) and the doctors are amazed at his lucidity.

It could be several months before the extent of recovery is clear, but it is much better news for now and so we are all enjoying 2013 a little more. Rocky is pretty determined and is aware of what lies ahead to get better.

On a brighter note, the family celebrated Charlie and Mel’s Golden Wedding anniversary on Sunday.

I hope you are all well and best wishes for the New Year to you all. I will let you know of developments in a few weeks.


Tom Cartwright
Legal Director
for Pinsent Masons LLP

This is indeed more encouraging – thanks Eleanor for your updates

The year’s end was predictably hectic here at the headwaters, and there is much to report. I hope to post a few snapshots from Thanksgiving at Moone Athy which Aunt Sarah Fehlig deftly and deliciously coordinated for us. Other subsequent excitements such as Ed and Sarah Fehlig’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration, a Claiborne Pentland’s nephews/nieces Yuletide Dance Fandango at the Quick’s, the annual gingerbread house construction party at the Law’s – to mention but a few happenings – will also (D.V.) be covered. Try to contain yourselves until then…



Heads Up

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First, we have just included a terrific photo of Henry Easthope which was not available for the Hollo Homecoming posting. You may have a viewing here…mothers, hold on to your daughters!

You will also want to take vicarious pleasure in the rave reviews that Crushed Red has been receiving from gourmands and gourmets alike (if unsure of the difference go here). Both the Riverfront Times (the gourmands) and the Ladue News (the gourmets) are very complimentary of the food and service. Hat’s off to Powell and Ralph Kalish.

For those Rumpians who have not ventured far from email sites and Amazon.com lately it is definitely worth re-visiting Joe Pentland’s website to catch up on his newest computer generated 3D productions. The elegance of Joe’s artistry belies the complexity of its creation. As cousin Nick Salter is wont to say, ‘brilliant’.

And finally, Tertius Skinner recommended I revisit Bill Pentland’s web postings on Forbes.com. Bill’s most recent essay on the battle between proponents of a status-quo “centralized, infrastructure-centric” energy supply and those supporting a decentralized, clean energy supply is enlightening and timely, especially for those of us that find the controversy daunting. Thanks to Tersh for his recommendation that the clan will also enjoy.

The pot is boiling…


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