The Camp

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In the summer of 1984, Aunt Grizelda, with the help of Sarah Dunn (and numerous other aunts and uncles – Aunt Anne, Aunt Jennie, Aunt Sarah, and probably others to whom we apologize), organized a boy’s camp at Moone Athy to which all the boy cousins were invited. Photographs taken from this (including several of cousin Jack Cromie) have been placed in the History section of our blog’s Library ( ‘The Camp – Moone Athy, 1984’). Here is a link.

Aunt Grizelda at Moone Athy

Gallus domesticus

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Concerned about the food supply during the economic downturn? Just take a look at what the Skinners in San Francisco are up to:


Mobile Chicken Coop


Main Entry Elevation

Hollywood Model
Satisfied Tenant

Note the handles at each end of the Coop. While this design preceded the invention of the wheel, it is still very serviceable. Also the main entry meets ADA specifications for ease of access for disabled Galli domestici.

Ok, so sustainable agriculture is fine but – how about fresh eggs? That’s the real payout! Here’s an average AM collection at the Skinners…Not bad, eh?

What if you’re not into ‘green’? How about ‘brown’, perhaps the most under-celebrated hue. We here in rural Missouri have not been idle in our quest for sustainable supplies of essential brown foods:

Here’s an average AM collection in Augusta…Not bad either, eh?

Happy eating!


Addendum: When done be sure to follow-up with our fitness sponsor Tron.

Down East to South West

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“In the narrowest sense, Down East refers to the coast of the U.S. state of Maine from Penobscot Bay to the Canadian border.”

Thus does wikipedia define the term that is the title of this posting. Clan members not only visited the Upper Country (see The Shashoo) this summer but went Down East as well. Here the Quicks hosted the San Francisco Skinners (Tersh, Kathy, and Sophie) at Vinylhaven and have kindly shared some photos for the rumpus.


Kathy Goes A-Lobstering

Beach Picnic with Sophie, Kathy,
Richard and Jennie

Tertius with his
(look closely!) Catch

Richard with his Catch


Fast Forward to The Desert Southwest where Kate’s now a Junior(!) at St John’s:

Kate gracing her 150 yr old Adobe Digs at Santa Fe

Ready for the big screen? Where are the photos of your summer escapades? Send them in!


The Shashoo

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Jack Cromie has always wanted to build a wooden boat. This August, after completing a course in Classics (Greek) and before resuming his mechanical engineering courses, Jack grabbed his chance. He and his brother Bill discovered a two week, hands-on course in wooden boat building at the Great Lakes Boat Building School in Cedarville Michigan. This happens to be five miles down highway 134 from Hessel MI, the old summer stomping grounds of the Skinner/Adams tribe in the Les Cheneaux Islands. These protected waters on the north shore of Lake Huron are a perfect place for wooden boats – indeed, early in the 20th century, the very first mohogany-hulled Chris-Crafts were sold in Hessel at the Mertaugh Boat Works. So it is understandable why one of the premiere wooden boat building schools in the country would locate here. The stars seemed aligned for Jack to fulfill his boat building ambition. The goal? – to make a wooden canoe for the lakes of upstate New York.

Here are a few photos showing Jack and Bill at work, and the end result: The Shashoo – an elegant hand-crafted wooden canoe.


Cromie Boys at GLBBS 2009

Cedar strips used to fashion hull

Bulkhead compartment epoxied…

Japanese saw used to cut decking…

Hull gets sanded smooth…

Decking nears completion…

Bow Closeup before brass plating

She’s coaxed to water’s edge…

And Baptised

Test Pilot Bill

Then Jack…No leaks!

Professor Nichols with his Students

Off to New York with Shashoo


BTW, Lest you think the two weeks were all work, a couple of shots of the Cromies at play:

Jack prepares for Half Moon Bay

Malibu Bill…

Lookout O’Toole, kitesurfing is next for the Cromie boys!

What did you do this summer?



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Gentlemen, introducing Manly Maps – a new service for the spatially challenged ♂. Each year about this time as we set out for vacation destinations, the predictable “Don’t you think we’d better stop and ask…?” issue arises. Oi veh! It can become so tedious. To supplement our arsenal of dyes, workout wardrobes/equipment and pharmacologic enhancers, OurRumpus proudly introduces Manly Maps. No need to be a Girly Man who asks for directions. Use this Free Tool to flex your spatial orientation muscle. Manly Maps can be printed and kept in an unmarked box or in a pouch labeled Red Bull Chew.

Ladies, stay calm. For those less spatially challenged (i.e. the ♀) we offer Girly Guides which you can rely upon to reduce your spouse’s U-Turns. The guides are easily mounted in direct view on his steering wheel, and GPS coordinates can be fed into your Tom-Tom (if he will allow that…).

How do we get these? The OurRumpian Map utility is located in the column on the right (our sidebar) under The Library. But for this to work we need your participation– please send your home or vacation destinations and we’ll add these to our Manly Maps/Girly Guide section of our Library.

Don’t put this off – those of us coming to visit don’t want more No Vacancies before we finally ask directions!


A Winter Outing on Round Pond

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Round Pond, recently cleared of thick, surrounding cedar overgrowth, was the site of a delightful winter outing last Saturday. Family participants introduced the next generation to the exhilaration of outdoor skating. We had had several days of single digit temperatures producing ideal ice for the event. A hot chili lunch was then served at the Dunns to complete the afternoon. Everyone agreed that this should be a yearly mid-winter tradition.

Here is a short video clip of the action on this cold clear day.

News and Notes

Word is in that Lieutenant Manning Kalish has been redeployed stateside following his tour of duty in Iraq. We noted his service to country in a previous posting here. We share the pride and relief of the Kalishes. Thanks Manning for all that you do for us!

You will recall a family alert about the illness of Josie Brown. We are happy to relate that Josie is recovering nicely from recent surgery and hopes to be able to find/resume work in about four weeks. Please be aware that several family members generously sent checks to assist Josie during her illness. Some of these were never received by Josie. If you have outstanding checks made out to her which have not been acknowledged or cashed please give her a call (314-752-1573) to rectify the situation. Your generosity to this wonderful person is appreciated by her and the entire family.

The Chamberlain (in Exile)…

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