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The O’Tooles from Shillelagh Ireland (see above) visited their St Louis cousins earlier this month providing a welcome excuse for the clan to gather and reconnect with Laurence, Clare, Darren and Maeve. It was a thoroughly enjoyable respite from our winter doldrums and a warm up for St Patrick’s Day. Gatherings were held both at the farm and in town, with the Laws hosting a trip to the Museum of Transport, the Quicks a dinner in town, and the Dunns a luncheon in the country. Here is a brief video clip from the latter gathering:

If you have difficulties playing this video, try the YouTube variant here although this might be blocked because of music content 🙁

The background music CD for the video clip was provided by Clare – thank you! While we are at it, here is a terrific rendition of Danny Boy from Clare’s CD. This recording is by the Chieftains and Diana Krall:

It was great having the Irish cousins stateside. Here’s hoping you had a pleasant St Patrick’s Day!



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This Thanksgiving was special. For several years Will Cromie, Bill Skinner and Sarah Dunn, among others, have wanted an up-to-date survey and aerial photo of Moone Athy. Mark Ditch, whose family surveying firm had done work for us in the past, this fall finished a several year effort to get our corners staked and lines surveyed. For Thanksgiving, appropriately enough, Sarah and he presented a framed, demarcated aerial photograph of Moone Athy Farm to the gathered family – with a challenge! First though, the aerial:


Moone Athy Aerial 2013


The Challenge

The 2014 “RACE TO THE CORNERS” Contest

Given the ungovernable competitiveness inherent in the Chamber’s genome you knew this was coming.

In a push to introduce the farm beyond the kitchen and hearth to the youth (defined loosely) of the family, the management is sponsoring a contest, ending next Thanksgiving 2014 between two teams of family members, the Delta Force vs the Green Berets. To date Isabel Smith, Trey and Helene Tatum, Davey Pentland, Jack McClelland, and Peter Smith are all Green Berets, while Hugh Law, Bobby and Mary Dunn, Eddie and Lory Fehlig are known members of the Delta Force. For those wishing to enlist, pick a team. Spare maps are on hand on the piano at Moone Athy. A compass will be a must – cell phone apps are very handy. GPS coordinates may prove vital in closely contested and disputed claims so think about adding that data to your photo submission. Be sure the Chamberlain knows which team you are on so we can keep numbers balanced, and email me if you’d like to join up.

You will note on these photographs the farm boundaries are outlined in yellow. There are 32 corners. These have been marked by Sarah, Neal Fuhr and David Pentland with the letters “A” – “Z”, and then for corners 27 – 32, the numerals “1” – “6”. The image below shows the start point (red arrow) and the transition from letters to numbers (green arrow), with the direction of labeling being clockwise. Of course you can start anywhere you please.


Corners Labeled


As of this writing Isabel Smith and Trey Tatum (Green Berets) have taken the lead, having identified corners “K”, “N”, “M” and “J”. Delta Force, close behind, has identified “K”, “M” and “N”.

Several points to keep in mind. Farmers in the old days ran pigs and cattle through the woods. Hence you will come across barbed wire in the brush. It can be a good guide to corners – but not always. Be careful not to become caught up in it. Take a picture of your identified corner and email it to me (Chamberlain@ourrumpus.com), with the letter/number on it clearly visible. The corners are all T-posts (iron posts about 5′ high) with a yellow cap on top and a letter/number wired onto it. See pictures below.Some T-posts with caps are way points rather than corners – only capped T-posts with a letter or number are genuine corners. The true corners always have some other marker – an old iron pipe or marked rock (e.g. “G” corner has a carved rock at its base.). Anyone (attention Iowans!) found removing corner markings to throw off competitors will be disqualified summarily and publicly outed on these pages. Finally, avoid exploring during deer and turkey hunting seasons (click here for listings).


Typical Corner – Delta Force (Hugh Law)

Trey Tatum checks Dog Tags


Speaking of hunting, can anyone guess where these gobblers were photographed????





No photoshop trickery here folks – just the occasional CWE turkey strut. Range fed no less…

Looking at that map, we do have so much to be thankful for, don’t we?

Happy hunting!


Belated Photo Recap 2013 – Part 2

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Eddie ties the knot! The Big News this summer was the Eddie Fehlig and Lory Ellebracht wedding on July 6th at the Missouri Botanical Garden. This was an especially fun and happy occasion at the Spink Pavillion. It isn’t fair that the Fehligs, who already boast such musical prowess, now have added the violin talents of Lory. Photos of the wedding are at Shutterfly. Here are a few snapshots which give a sense of the event:

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Lory and Ed

Entourage: Daisy, Abigail, Sarah Lin and Sam

Eddie with Cal and Becky Gatch III, plus Abigail and Cal IV

Revelers – One Being Shy

Ed Sr and Lory Tune Up

Mother of Groom Sarah Leads Ensemble

Katherine and Hugh Law

Ella and Trey Tatum

Jennie and Richard Quick

Dellie, Qun and Sam Sha

Jack and Zel McClelland

Clay Pentland and Friend

Those Held Responsible

Time Proven Escape Vehicle

Clearly a terrific evening and a very happy occasion. We all wish the newlyweds the very best and look forward to much music in our shared future.

Day’s Lesson
Ever wondered where the funny word “bridegroom” came from? Of course not, but anyhow…

From Online Dictionary:

bridegroom (n.)
Old English brydguma “suitor,” from bryd “bride” (see bride) + guma “man” (cf. Old Norse gumi, Old High German gomo, cognate with Latin homo “man;” see homunculus). Ending altered 16c. by folk etymology after groom (n.) “groom, boy, lad” (q.v.).


Belated Photo Recap 2013 – Part 1

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Finally had time to catch up with the past few month’s activites, beginning with a terrific Memorial Day gathering of the clan at Moone Athy. Most locals made it out. A special treat was the visit by many of the Cromies from the right coast. Here’s a glimpse or two, with apologies to those attending but missed by the photographer…

Cinematographer Gin Danny, Liam and Jack
‘Eddie Arcaro’ Jack Kim P. with Halcomb Boys
Madeline Judd Kate Cromie
Sarah Porter Law Walnut Tally Cynthia
Blossom et al George Judy and Handler
Liza, Kathy, Katherine and Horse Susan C with ‘Arcaro’ Jack
Soph in Harness Trekkers
GateKeeper Kate C Post Game Wrap Up

Next up in the Belated Photos Catch Up Series, the Eddie Fehlig Wedding!


Deep in December, It’s Nice to Remember…

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Two terrific gatherings capped 2012 in St Louis, the first a spontaneous eruption celebrating Bill and Heather Pentland’s arrival for Christmas, the other a celebration of the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Sarah and Ed Fehlig. With due deference to seniority today’s posting will cover the latter.

One sunny Sunday morning in 1961, outside the St Thomas More Catholic Church in New Haven, a gleeful Calvin Gatch happily announced the news flash that his sister Sarah was engaged to be married. The lucky gentleman? Edward Fehlig. Fast forward some fifty years and it is ‘Nice to Remember’. On Dec 29th, at their home at #16 Washington Terrace, a large gathering of Sarah and Ed’s numerous friends gave tribute to this wonderful couple. Reflecting their special interests, there was much music and a good deal of Spanish and French to be heard. BTW, did you know the family has a jazz cellist? Adrianna Tatum starred at the party as she accompanied her Uncle Eddy, Lory Ellebracht, and Great Uncle Bob in rendering some traditional favorites. The musical genotype carries on.

“After the ball was over…”

Congratulations to you Sarah and Ed!

A ‘thank you’ also to Qun, Dellie, and Eddie for sending in the photos and memorabilia.


Rumpian Review

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We interrupt our 2012 catch-up with this Thespian Alert*!

For those who missed his sold-out performance in 2011, you have a reprieve. Ralph Kalish has a second command performance of The Branch Rickey Story, Winning History. Ralph (Branch Rickey) re-appears at the Gaslight Theater 360 North Boyle Ave, St Louis, 63108 on Feb 15-17, 22-24. Call 314-725-4200 to get details about show times and tickets. If history is a guide, you’d better do so soon – the last time those who procrastinated couldn’t get seats!

*Alright already, it’s not Thesbian – those are people from Thesbia….no more comments please…..

Now back to our (ir)regular programming:

At least three noteworthy happenings in the past few months have not as yet been memorialized in these pages – Thanksgiving 2012, the Fehlig 50th Anniversary Celebration, and the Number One DJ Spontaneous Christmas Combustion at the Quicks. Attempts to remedy follow, beginning with a few random pics from what was a gorgeous Thanksgiving day. It was a special treat for yours truly to have an opportunity to share a leisurely walk with Uncle Ed Fehlig. His knowledge of history, art and the flora of the farm is extensive. Together he and Aunt Sarah, who were responsible for hosting this Thanksgiving’s gathering, have been an invaluable resource for the family.

Claiborne Skinner
Seminar Chair

Eddie and Lory

Dellie Sha

Sammy Sha

Adrianna, Lacrosser-Jazz Cellist

Mme Eleanor and Mlle Lucy

Dunn Platoon

Uncle Richard with Aunt Katherine

Sarah Fehlig
Turkey Day Chair

Uncle Ed at Jack’s Spot

Tatums and Shas

Gin Cromie’s Radio Flyer in Use

Check the Specs-Karen and Helene
Mouseover image!

Little Red Isabel

Pentlands, Kim and Davey

Peter S.

Uncle Bob, Capt Charlie


The 2012 Review will continue, weather permitting…


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