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Doing what comes naturally, or in other words, what comes with her rich musical inheritance. That’s what you’ll see here in this stellar performance by Kate Cromie. Technical assistance: Liam Cromie, Studio Side Man: Dan Cromie. Let ‘er rip Kate!





Hat tip to ‘burlturn’ for answering the call for Christmas photos/videos. How can you top this one!



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Notoriously shy except when on stage, Ella Fitzgerald was born on this day Apr 25 1917 (although Wikipedia insists it was 1918!) in Newport News, Virginia. The “First Lady of Song”, Ella was a self-trained vocalist and premier interpreter of the Great American Songbook (aka GAS). Here she is doing an evocative rendition of Stormy Weather with my favorite guitarist, Joe Pass (Hanover, 1975).

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Ella’s biography is truly inspirational. After the death of her mother in the early 30’s, Ella drifted. She dropped out of school, eventually worked as a bordello lookout and mafia runner, and ended up in reform school. At 17 she appeared in a competition at the Harlem Opera House where she intended to dance. Intimidated by the dancing skills of the preceding act, at the last moment she decided instead to sing Hoagy Carmichael’s “Judy”. She stunned the audience and the rest is history….


St Louis Sheldon Divertimento

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I’ve been at work assembling the photographs of the Polk Mahaffey Picnic. We are fortunate to have a brilliant (as Nick S.would say) photo collection of the event thanks to Joe Carpenter and Bill Skinner. We’ll have them up for you in a bit….

In the interim, I thought I’d post a short clip of a phenomenal (IMHO) Aussie guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel, which I hope the clan will enjoy. This was performed at our own Sheldon Auditorium in 2000. This artist does everything – pop, rock, jazz, and even aboriginal Aussie stuff. I think Sarah and Ed Fehlig will especially appreciate his talent. So, our divertimento…

Stay tuned…

The Chamberlain

Mullanphy Emigrant Home fundraiser

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To any of you who may have missed the article:

Efforts to save 1867 building are dealt extra blow by recent storm

Here is a photo of the the building located at 14th and Howard in north St Louis:
Mullanphy Emigrant Home

Below is the link to the story.

Please spread the word and let’s see how many Mullnaphy cousins we can get to the Bottleworks on Saturday. We’ll be late as we will be taking pictures of Graham and his Prom entourage. Hope to see ya’ll there.

Eleanor and Ralph

Quiz the Chambers…

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To get us into the Easter mood, here’s a quiz. Here are two photos, one a famous composer and the other a famous performer. Who are they?

Israel Beilin Asa Yoelson

For a hint, here is an audio clip of one of this composer’s most famous compositions, sung by this performer.


Click for Hint


Who are they? Reply in comments section below!



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