A Few More Blossom Memories

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No. 228

George and Lucy Judy were visiting Moone Athy with the Judds shortly before we lost Blossom, and as a result we have several superb snapshots of Blossom that I feel compelled to share. They capture the special place she had in the clan. Many thanks to Lucy and George for sending these in.

Who’s the Handsomest of them All?

Another George with Blossom

Magnolia and Blossom

Madeleine Judd and Blossom Compare Profiles

Good News! There is the possibility of another donkey in the offing, again, believe it or not, thanks to the Mahaffey clan. Laura Balding may have a candidate to add to our ‘Equine Center’ (heh). Of course it would be impossible to replace Blossom. But wouldn’t that be wonderful? Fingers crossed….


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