Belated Photo Recap 2013 – Part 2

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Eddie ties the knot! The Big News this summer was the Eddie Fehlig and Lory Ellebracht wedding on July 6th at the Missouri Botanical Garden. This was an especially fun and happy occasion at the Spink Pavillion. It isn’t fair that the Fehligs, who already boast such musical prowess, now have added the violin talents of Lory. Photos of the wedding are at Shutterfly. Here are a few snapshots which give a sense of the event:

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Lory and Ed

Entourage: Daisy, Abigail, Sarah Lin and Sam

Eddie with Cal and Becky Gatch III, plus Abigail and Cal IV

Revelers – One Being Shy

Ed Sr and Lory Tune Up

Mother of Groom Sarah Leads Ensemble

Katherine and Hugh Law

Ella and Trey Tatum

Jennie and Richard Quick

Dellie, Qun and Sam Sha

Jack and Zel McClelland

Clay Pentland and Friend

Those Held Responsible

Time Proven Escape Vehicle

Clearly a terrific evening and a very happy occasion. We all wish the newlyweds the very best and look forward to much music in our shared future.

Day’s Lesson
Ever wondered where the funny word “bridegroom” came from? Of course not, but anyhow…

From Online Dictionary:

bridegroom (n.)
Old English brydguma “suitor,” from bryd “bride” (see bride) + guma “man” (cf. Old Norse gumi, Old High German gomo, cognate with Latin homo “man;” see homunculus). Ending altered 16c. by folk etymology after groom (n.) “groom, boy, lad” (q.v.).


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