Belated Photo Recap 2013 – Part 1

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Finally had time to catch up with the past few month’s activites, beginning with a terrific Memorial Day gathering of the clan at Moone Athy. Most locals made it out. A special treat was the visit by many of the Cromies from the right coast. Here’s a glimpse or two, with apologies to those attending but missed by the photographer…

Cinematographer Gin Danny, Liam and Jack
‘Eddie Arcaro’ Jack Kim P. with Halcomb Boys
Madeline Judd Kate Cromie
Sarah Porter Law Walnut Tally Cynthia
Blossom et al George Judy and Handler
Liza, Kathy, Katherine and Horse Susan C with ‘Arcaro’ Jack
Soph in Harness Trekkers
GateKeeper Kate C Post Game Wrap Up

Next up in the Belated Photos Catch Up Series, the Eddie Fehlig Wedding!


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