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This special posting is dedicated to Jack Cromie (5 July 1972 – 2 October 2009). Since we are reviewing important 2012 family events, it is fitting to reference a recorded concert* that was given in his memory on September 28 in Schenectady NY. The event was titled Songs for Jack. Jack’s poetry was put to music (Thomas Savoy) and was sung by baritone Jonathon Estabrooks. The Musicians of Ma’alwyck provided accompaniment. The particular poem we feature is titled “The Farm”, referring of course to Moone Athy. It is self-evident how important the farm was for Jack – as indeed it is for all of us. Here is Jack’s poem:

The Farm

I can’t speak for all Cromies – but this Cromie wants Grizelda Skinner’s farm

packs of half-feral dogs roaming the landscape, tennis into the evenings –
outrageous cheating required. Eeyore rides until horse graduation – every child
must be thrown from a horse at least once, hocus-pocus at noon every day, rides to
the pond on the back of the Dunn’s VW Bus, tough lessons about barb wire
patched up by Liza Halcomb, hotly contested capture the flag, even more hotly
contested bragging rights for fossil hunters in the creek bed

even a slight deviation will cause a tear in the time space continuum – or a tear in
my heart

which amounts to the same thing

A powerful tribute to Jack by Savoy and Estabrooks, and by Jack to the farm and the family that made it possible.

A major ‘Thank You’ is owed to Bill Cromie Sr who informed us about the concert and who took time to forward to us the wonderful concert DVD.

* Video and recordings by .mov videos, and MOUNTAINTOP STUDIOS, Petersburgh N.Y. 12138, [518] 658-9549


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