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No. 197

We interrupt our 2012 catch-up with this Thespian Alert*!

For those who missed his sold-out performance in 2011, you have a reprieve. Ralph Kalish has a second command performance of The Branch Rickey Story, Winning History. Ralph (Branch Rickey) re-appears at the Gaslight Theater 360 North Boyle Ave, St Louis, 63108 on Feb 15-17, 22-24. Call 314-725-4200 to get details about show times and tickets. If history is a guide, you’d better do so soon – the last time those who procrastinated couldn’t get seats!

*Alright already, it’s not Thesbian – those are people from Thesbia….no more comments please…..

Now back to our (ir)regular programming:

At least three noteworthy happenings in the past few months have not as yet been memorialized in these pages – Thanksgiving 2012, the Fehlig 50th Anniversary Celebration, and the Number One DJ Spontaneous Christmas Combustion at the Quicks. Attempts to remedy follow, beginning with a few random pics from what was a gorgeous Thanksgiving day. It was a special treat for yours truly to have an opportunity to share a leisurely walk with Uncle Ed Fehlig. His knowledge of history, art and the flora of the farm is extensive. Together he and Aunt Sarah, who were responsible for hosting this Thanksgiving’s gathering, have been an invaluable resource for the family.

Claiborne Skinner
Seminar Chair

Eddie and Lory

Dellie Sha

Sammy Sha

Adrianna, Lacrosser-Jazz Cellist

Mme Eleanor and Mlle Lucy

Dunn Platoon

Uncle Richard with Aunt Katherine

Sarah Fehlig
Turkey Day Chair

Uncle Ed at Jack’s Spot

Tatums and Shas

Gin Cromie’s Radio Flyer in Use

Check the Specs-Karen and Helene
Mouseover image!

Little Red Isabel

Pentlands, Kim and Davey

Peter S.

Uncle Bob, Capt Charlie


The 2012 Review will continue, weather permitting…



  1. Wonderful news flash, someone should tape Ralph I would love to see the performance as Rickey was a baseball legend, and I know Ralph would more than do him justice!
    Those of us out east really vicariously enjoy the farm festivities through this site Bob, so thanks so much. You might share Jon Estabrooks redition of “The Farm” from Songs for Jack, best to all, UB

    Comment by Doc Cromie — January 26, 2013 @ 4:56 pm

  2. Bill,

    Great idea – will get “The Farm” up as soon as I can. Thanks for your kind comment!
    Back at you with the best to all the Cromies…


    Comment by LC — January 26, 2013 @ 7:14 pm

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