Sweet Sue – just you!

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Every star above,
Knows the one I love
Sweet Sue – just you!

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Update New photos added 12/12 – thx to father of the bride!

On Saturday, October 20th, Suzanne Kenny Skinner and Stephen Peter Forster tied the knot in Alexandria Virginia, an event that the Skinner and Forster clans had eagerly anticipated and greatly enjoyed. “Sweet, sweet Suzanne” the father of the bride remarked at the reception – no truer words could be spoken. Your correspondent, knowing full well he ventures onto very thin ice, nonetheless hazards the notion that among the many, many fine traits exhibited in the Skinner genome, sweetness is not at the very tip top.* So the Kennys must get the credit for this most pronounced of Suzanne’s best attributes (brains and good looks need mentioning too).

This was one really fun wedding. It was especially nice to get to meet Stephen’s parents, Donna and Peter Forster. I only wish I had better photographs to catch its essence, but here are a few that you may enjoy. As always, send any better shots you may have and they can be added to the post later.




The Final Result…

Will and Christina Skinner

Uncle Tersh does a Reading

Mr and Mrs Stephen Forster

Newlyweds Greet Crowd

Parents of the Bride Karen and Bill share in Toast
With Drs. Bill Cromie and Richard Quick

Suzanne Sharing Sweetness with
Her Motor Scooter Instructor

Sophie Skinner (left) unsuccessful
In Moderating Clansmen’s Behavior

Glowing Bride


More Revelers – Aunt Jennie and Uncle Richard

Bobby Dunn and Joe Pentland Getting Ready

Susan and Dan Cromie with Liza Halcomb

Zellie McClelland with Billy Cromie

Sophie and Tersh Skinner,
Richard Quick and Kim Pentland


It was truly a pleasure to spend time with Stephen and his family and friends. We have been enriched by Suzanne’s good judgement and wish them the very best. If the lights stay out in Manhattan, the newlyweds should remember these famous lyrics:

“Meet me in St. Louis, Louis,
Meet me at the fair,
Don’t tell me the lights are shining
any place but there…


*My biased Skinner spouse – described as “bitter-sweet” by her own mother – objects to these allegations (e.g. consider Cynthia!). Our fair and balanced readers can render their own verdict on this…

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