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First, we have just included a terrific photo of Henry Easthope which was not available for the Hollo Homecoming posting. You may have a viewing here…mothers, hold on to your daughters!

You will also want to take vicarious pleasure in the rave reviews that Crushed Red has been receiving from gourmands and gourmets alike (if unsure of the difference go here). Both the Riverfront Times (the gourmands) and the Ladue News (the gourmets) are very complimentary of the food and service. Hat’s off to Powell and Ralph Kalish.

For those Rumpians who have not ventured far from email sites and Amazon.com lately it is definitely worth re-visiting Joe Pentland’s website to catch up on his newest computer generated 3D productions. The elegance of Joe’s artistry belies the complexity of its creation. As cousin Nick Salter is wont to say, ‘brilliant’.

And finally, Tertius Skinner recommended I revisit Bill Pentland’s web postings on Forbes.com. Bill’s most recent essay on the battle between proponents of a status-quo “centralized, infrastructure-centric” energy supply and those supporting a decentralized, clean energy supply is enlightening and timely, especially for those of us that find the controversy daunting. Thanks to Tersh for his recommendation that the clan will also enjoy.

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