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Easter Sunday at Moone Athy this year was an extraordinarily beautiful spring day – picture perfect weather for our annual family outing. About 45 members of the Chamber were able to attend. It was especially nice to have Bill and Sarah Hollo there, as well as the healthy remnant of the familiatatum – (Helene and Adriana Tatum were present but Will Tatum, the perennial odds-on favorite to win the egg hunt contest, and papa Trey were sadly missing due to a viral something-or-other). It was also a treat to have Carrie, Cambell and Hart Miller (John McClelland’s sister and family) visiting from Billings, Montana. For those unable to bask in the balmy Missouri sunshine of that day, we provide a poor substitute below – a brief video of the occasion.



A hat tip to Sarah Dunn who with much help from the family at large coordinated this year’s event.

Here are a few snapshots of the festivities – thanks to everyone that shared!.


Montana Visitor Hart Miller
Scans for Eggs

Sam Qun and Toph McClelland
Hurl Seed Balls

Katherine and Hugh Law pose
for Sarah Porter

Closeup of Coreopsis Seed Balls
(see text below)

New Annex Retaining Wall



Two of the above photos may require comment. The new tenant in the farm annex, Robert Carmon, a master carpenter, has resurrected the dilapidated retaining wall outside the annex building. A superb job donated to the farm by Robert who charged only the fuel costs of running his bobcat! We are extremely lucky in our tenants.

Finally, wildflower seeding of the native prairie grasses in the Deer Print pasture was accomplished by the migrant workers video’d in the clip above. You may not know what’s involved. The Smith and Halcomb children meticulously mixed powdered clay, Coreopsis seeds and water to form the seed balls shown in the photo. Then specially trained workers accompanied by Mariachi musicians carefully disperse these seed balls, as shown in the video.

Next Easter we will no doubt see the fruit of these labors. Plan on coming to see for yourselves!


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