Almost Spring

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No. 183

A few random notes and pictures from recent strolls through Moone Athy, where the days are getting longer and warmer.


On the wildflower path, the first irises have just appeared – thanks to Aunt Delphine. This will lift one’s spirits.


Aunt Delphine’s Irises

In the winter each year we do burns of the pond berms and pastures to enhance growth of native prairie flora and to prevent damage to the ponds.

Controlled Woodland Burn

Here’s a field at the south end of the Deer Print pasture that was burned earlier this winter. Prairie wildflower seeds have been sown here.

Burnt pasture. Later in spring we’ll show the grasses that emerge.

Here’s a gigantic burl – we’d like to get this into the hands of Bill Cromie to see what he could do with it on his lathe.

Giant Burl

Another unusual sighting…evil eye ice formation at the northern property edge…

Look at this!

Finally, another Quiz. Where’s this? Winner gets a free sit…

Where’s This?





  1. What wonderful pictures. The little spring wildflowers are tokens of ther new life that is coming up and that will soon burst into a riotous mass of color. I feel grateful to my mother and to Granny and all those who worked so hard on getting the wildflowers established. We are doing this on our two acres here in Oro valley, Arizona and we have worked on pink penstemon, desert marigolds, desert blue lupines, desert bluebells (they are a deep purpel color) california poppies, apricot colored globe mallows and other wildflowers which all reseed themselves and spread once they are established. But they are very choosy and particular about their place in the sun and it is not easy to get them established.
    The burl is marvelous and the evil eye is incredible!

    Comment by sarah Fehlig — February 27, 2012 @ 7:13 pm

  2. On the logging trail going southwest from the creek crossing up to the ridge top overlooking the tennis court pasture.

    Comment by Uncle Calvin — February 29, 2012 @ 8:15 am

  3. Well the other day i borrowed a post pounder from Uncle Bob. I went right past this spot twice. I even cut a limb down real close to there. Sorry Uncle Calvin,the answer is; On Schindler Road, up the hill and south of Dunn Hill. The picture is of the feild with the little pond. I forgot the name of it. It’s when you first enter the property. Below this hill is the old Pentland property. If you turn around walk you’ll go right to the Hood house. I’ve cleared the road for know, so enjoy.

    Comment by david — February 8, 2013 @ 3:33 pm

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