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Weddings, Engagements, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes… a veritable whirlwind of family happenings to report. For now, we’ll file a brief update with more detail to follow once this observer has recuperated fully from the end-of-summer festivities.

Last weekend, Will and Christina Skinner were married in an extraordinarily beautiful and fun weekend-long celebration in Princeton NJ. There was a large family turn-out for the event which took place at the beautiful Princeton University chapel. Select photos (thanks to Liza Halcomb) are shown below with many more to follow. Will and Christina are honeymooning in Hawaii at this writing. All our best wishes to the newlyweds!


Christina and Will, Wife and Man

The (newly configured!) Skinner Family




The magic of the moment proved contagious with Will’s sibling Suzanne succumbing to the entreaties of suitor Stephen Forster, a wonderfully resilient young man who withstood intact the rigors of a full Category 5 family gathering. Stephen and Suzanne hereby announce their engagement!. The usual suspects, final picture below, eagerly await a repeat of last weekend’s spectacular. A warm welcome as well as congratulations to Stephen and all of our very best wishes to Suzanne.


On Deck, Stephen and Suzanne (center in melee)

Usual Suspects Locked Down during Skinner Wedding



Final (for now) alert. Molly and Gareth Wynn Owen and new clanswoman Alicia will visit the family headwaters in early September, when Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Ralph are hosting a party in St Louis for the Armenian trio. We hope to post photos of that visit for the family at large.

Fanfare!!! Birthday Greetings to Sophie (Florence T Gonzales) Skinner. Note: Not all clanfolk have birthday acknowledgements – only Goddaughters!

Hasta Luego Vaceros,


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  1. Looks as if it was a fun-filled and very happy wedding weekend. Congratulations to the couple and the rest of the Skinner clan. We look forward to meeting Christina and Stephen to welcome them into the family in person.

    We have been enjoying the Armenian trio and will definitely take pictures on the 4th. But in fact, the party is a join effort between the Hollos and the Kalish-Withers group; we’re hoping for exceptional weather and we will miss you out of towners.

    Comment by Eleanor Withers — August 29, 2011 @ 10:01 pm

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