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No. 169

Paparazzi are relentless in hounding Chambers’ clansmen. Recently they have managed to run down the reclusive Burnell Chatfield as well as another individual whose sartorial elegance suggests that he is a family member – if not an immediate member of the Chatfield branch, then certainly a close relative of Burnell. A genealogy prize is on offer to anyone who can name him, with extra points for the name of his fashion designer. Anonymous entries to conceal an acquaintance with these individuals will not be accepted.


Chatfield attempting to elude paparazzi

Unidentified family member
Referee, Women’s Fast Track Roller Derby


We are relying on our Iowan or San Franciscan colleagues to help clarify this connection.


Addendum: Photographs from the Memorial Day Clan Reunion have been temporarily preempted by this unexpected appearance.


  1. I detect the look of our long-lost cousin, the Duke of Sunset Strip, who has done well in life and now wishes to reconnect with his kin who, although having strived mightily, have not achieved his level of success.

    I suggest that we not be too finicky about the geneology of our duke; we can be more generous with someone of such exquisite taste and the good sense to recognize the value of re-connecting with his Femme Osage Valley cousins.

    The family continues to be enriched by the likes of our dear duke.

    p.s. The Duke has equally-good taste in hair styling. I hadn’t realized that Malibu and environs had caught up with my trend.

    Comment by Uncle Calvin — July 3, 2011 @ 6:36 pm

  2. As expected, confusion reigns. Not the Duke of Sunset, but your error is easily understood(and corrected). You’ve mistaken another close relative, Sunset Sam, for cousin Duke Sunset Strip. The linked video below will be illuminating….


    Bernie Chatfield

    BTW, being finicky is a prerequisite of clan membership. Do you think our tribe got this far by mere unaided evolution? Do you really think style as evidenced by the newly discovered relative ‘just happened’? No indeed, and finicky is just the beginning….

    Comment by Bernie — July 4, 2011 @ 8:25 am

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