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Here are a few bullet points to update you on family goings on. OurRumpus has been in semi-hibernatiion this winter and with the arrival of a few warm days expect renewed cluttering of your in-boxes.

  • Moone Athy Farm News
  • The 2010 Farm Report has been completed and can be accessed here

  • 4969 Pershing Update
  • The 2010 Report on 4969 Pershing Place has been completed and can be accessed here

  • Family Member Update
  • We want to alert the family to the fact that three family members have been ill this winter. Aunt Alicia is recovering from a stroke that occurred about three weeks ago and is reported by Eleanor Withers to be recovering nicely. She has just returned home but is not yet able to have visitors. Also Mildred Schmidt, Kim Pentland’s mom, has been ill and undergoing chemotherapy. Kim reports that Mildred has responded well to date and is now at home being cared for by Kim and David. Finally, Cal Gatch Jr experienced and fortunately has recovered from a serious pulmonary illness recently and is now doing well. We will keep Mildred, Aunt Alicia, and Uncle Cal in our prayers.

    This has been a particularly long hard winter, with lots of snow across the country, continuing right up to the present. Here is a farm photo taken from our first snowfall last fall, before we knew what was in store for us. Now that daylight savings is back and the days are perceptibly longer, you might even be able to enjoy it – you can click/drag/zoom around it a bit if so inclined.

Hills Ablaze

More to follow!


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