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The Christmas holidays brought many of the clan together again and here are a few of the newsworthy items that we learned from our gatherings.

Bill Pentland has a new blog at that is accessed at this link: Bill’s posts provide objective, non-ideological information about the environmental impact of our energy consumption and sources. They are well written and a pleasure to read. Be sure to support Bill’s efforts by following his blog regularly and clicking on his most recent posts.

Qun Sha has received a competitive NIH grant for his atrial fibrillation research. Qun is the medical director of clinical affairs for CardiaLen Inc which has garnered a large amount of investment capital this past year. They are developing an implantable atrial defibrillator for a common and high morbidity heart condition called atrial fibrillation. The Wall Street Journal has recently touted these devices as both effective and likely to reduce the costs of repeated hospitalizations for treatment of this disorder. The link to this report is here.

Zel McClelland spent three weeks in Greece this last September researching funereal sculpture for her art history PhD dissertation at Washington University. She was assisted in these endeavors by her not-yet-weaned Christopher ‘Pericles’ McClelland. He was especially adept at wooing otherwise uncooperative curators at many of the museums which they visited.


Zel and Pericles McClelland at the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, AcroCorinth


Finally, Sarah Law participated last September in the MBA’s Cup, an annual regatta of sailboats rented, skippered and crewed by MBA candidates from the US and Europe. As you may know Sarah is at Columbia University’s MBA program. The accompanying photo shows Sarah and her fellow crew members aboard the Columbia Business School boat in the harbor of Santa Margherita Ligure before the traditional formal dinner ashore. There are twenty business schools which participate, half in Europe and half from the US.


From the edge of Ligurian Sea – the Italian Riviera


Kudos to these family members for their hard earned successes. Please keep us posted about the achievements of other clansmen

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