The Bull Rent Goes Up

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Editor’s Recommendation: Click on this brief audio file to capture the ambiance of what follows…

Each year a favorite event for the Wisconsin Gatch family is the Bloomington Wisconsin Livestock Exchange. Here they enter their calves for sale at auction, and this year, as the following video attests, they did themselves proud…



And here is how Grandpa Gatch described the day:

“..[the video] doesn’t do justice to the event itself, which is our annual ritual at this time of year.

It’s always accompanied by great excitement. The auctioneer was complimentary in his comments on the calves, and the bidders responded. Calvin either topped or came close to topping the market for the weight class of his calves — which at 657 pounds for the steers and 617 pounds for the heifers — is the best he’s ever done. We are pleased cuz our cows are a rather motley bunch, and we rent our bulls from Perry Leibfried, who owns Leibfried Feed in Platteville. We called Perry to tell him the good news — on the proviso that he doesn’t raise the bull rent next year.

At the end of the video, Calvin scans to the top of the sale barn bleachers where Cal IV is hiding out. He was not as riveted as Calvin and I were by the event.


I’m certain that most of us have no idea how much work is involved in getting these calves to 657 pounds. So a congratulations is owed to Cal III on this achievement.

Addendum: Cal III has just re-enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve. Semper Fi Cal Boy!



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  1. Nice work and congrats on both counts Cal! The best to you and your family this Christmas.

    I think that auctioneer may be running for office up here in Albany, at least he sounds like one of our guys
    uncle bill

    Comment by Doc Cromie — December 10, 2010 @ 9:56 am

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