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Elizabeth Judd, MSN, RN, CPNP has been deeply involved in autism care and clinical research at Cardinal Gennon Hospital here in St Louis. Here is a synopsis of her activities:

“So, I work at the Knights of Columbus Developmental Center at Cardinal Glennon Hospital. We are one of the three Missouri Autism Centers of Excellence. I have just been promoted to director of the clinic and I also function clinically as a pediatric nurse practitioner. We see children of all ages, with a variety of developmental disabilities. We see children for initial diagnosis and for continued follow up care. I am involved in a research project with one of my colleagues, Dr. Roland Maxim. We are looking at early detection of autism spectrum disorders beginning at 6 months of age. We are studying children at 6, 12, 18, and 24 months of age who fail a screening that she and I came up with. We are doing this in collaboration with Parents as Teachers and some local pediatricians. So far, the data that we have collected looks very promising and is showing that there are a couple of symptoms of autism as early as 5 months and many more symptoms at 12 months. This research will continue for a while until we have enough data that is worth publishing. So far, Dr. Maxim and I have presented our data at conferences in California, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, the National Parents as Teachers Conference in St. Louis, and will soon be going to present in Toronto. It’s pretty exciting!”


It most certainly is Elizabeth! Congratulations on your important and impressive work.

BTW the clan is still awaiting pictures from Armenia! And the newest clan member photos???


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