Doing Dingle

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Sarah Porter Law , Clare, Laurence and Darren O’Toole hit the beaches at Dingle, as Sarah Porter visits her cousins in Ireland.

Here is our report from Clare O’Toole

“We had a lovely time with Sarah. It’s was short, but very sweet and we enjoyed having her very much. She’s off sailing and the wind is mighty this week so the sailing course will be anything but dull.

Sarah was able to meet Laurence at the airport on his return from a business trip in Turkey and catch a ride down to the country. Darren and I met them half way and we toured Glendalough in Wicklow before heading back to the farm for dinner. We had a quiet rainy day at the farm shelling peas (they’ve all just come in at once!), baking and playing inside on Thursday (Darren showed Sarah all of his toys – she got the full toy tour) and then took off for our house in Kerry on the Dingle Peninsula Thursday night.

We were blessed with a gorgeous day on Friday, Laurence windsurfed and we played a bit at the beach before heading off to see some of the Peninsula and have dinner in Dingle. Darren was very taken with two little French girls at the restaurant and kept trying to walk/crawl over to their table – eating out with toddlers is always exciting, but the food was gorgeous and Irish restaurants are very laid back, thankfully, about kids.

Sarah was off then to Cork for her course. Before she left Sarah gave Darren a lovely cosy kitten puppet and story book, both of which he has really taken to. He has several stuffed animals, but the kitten is his favorite by far. He snuggles up with it before bed and nap times and swaps lots of kisses.

Pictures below.. Note the warning signs on the beach one of which clearly indicates “no swimming” neatly demonstrating an Irish disregard for any rules or regs!”

And here are the snapshots of this adventure:


Sarah Porter in Western Ireland

Sarah Porter with Cousin Clare

Men on the Beach – Laurence and Darren


Our thanks to Clare for providing this glimpse of the Emerald Isle and our cousins there. What a wonderful time – from shelling peas to windsurfing on the Atlantic – quite a wonderful spectrum, eh?

Be sure to send in any summer vacation or travel updates that you think the family would enjoy seeing, and also videos. As time permits we’ll paste them up – we’re woefully behind but will try to get them out as soon as we can…


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