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Wednesday, the 19th of May, will mark the seventh anniversary of the death of Wm Julius Polk, better known to us of course as ‘Uncle Polky’. This was a loyal, generous, wise and complex man, a man with innumerable devoted friends. In his thoughtfulness and care he improved immeasurably the lives of his family. It is appropriate for us to celebrate him on this occasion. To do so we’ve produced a collection of photos from his February 2003 book signing (Uncle Polky:Memories of St Louis, Virginia Publishing, December 2002) at the St Louis Racquet Club.



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Many of those in attendance were well known family friends, but as you will note, some we had difficulty identifying. If you can help us remedy this we will add missing names and correct mistakes on ‘Polky’s Wall’.

Here is a book review of ‘Uncle Polky’ which sums up the affection felt by so many of his friends:

“Although we were not related, I had the good fortune of being able to call this entrancing and generous man “Uncle Polky.” He and my father enlisted in the Navy on the same day (just before WW II), and Uncle Polky was easily the favorite character from my childhood. I only wished he would visit my parents in Washington more often. Polky had extraordinary stories–all true–some of which appear in this memoir. I recommend it highly; your only disappointment will be that it is not much longer.”
By Farnham Blair, Blue Hill Maine

He is sorely missed…


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