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After our internet discussion of hunting, there was a consensus about the need to institute safety mechanisms at Moone Athy with regard to the hunting seasons.

With that in mind, we are notifying the family that the various seasons for hunting can always be determined by going to the MDC link at

David Pentland has also left a hunting season calendar at the farm.


Whenever it is a firearms season, it is best to avoid the property lines: Schindler Rd, the Golf Course Ridge behind the barn, up towards the Rehmeiers, the River Ridge logging road (runs west of Schindler through the Quick property as well as Lyman and Osthoff properties) and the trail from Wild Turkey along the creek heading towards the Baraviks. These lines do not necessarily follow the ridge trails and it is easy to cross back and forth into our property or into a neighbor’s. We are in the process of updating the aerial map, but wanted to get the information out now as the hunting season has begun. The most dangerous season to be out and about in the woods is the spring turkey hunting season. It is when most trespassing occurs as the hunters will follow the gobble of the turkey. Also you may want to wear orange for extra protection, if you are walking in the woods during firearms season. David has kindly left a supply or orange vests at the farm house.

If anyone in the family plans to be out and about during hunting season and has concerns about where Neal may be, they should email Neal at and let him know where they plan to hike and at what time. He will then not hunt in that area. He avoids the areas of the farm where the family usually goes.

Sarah Dunn

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