Gallus domesticus

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Concerned about the food supply during the economic downturn? Just take a look at what the Skinners in San Francisco are up to:


Mobile Chicken Coop


Main Entry Elevation

Hollywood Model
Satisfied Tenant

Note the handles at each end of the Coop. While this design preceded the invention of the wheel, it is still very serviceable. Also the main entry meets ADA specifications for ease of access for disabled Galli domestici.

Ok, so sustainable agriculture is fine but – how about fresh eggs? That’s the real payout! Here’s an average AM collection at the Skinners…Not bad, eh?

What if you’re not into ‘green’? How about ‘brown’, perhaps the most under-celebrated hue. We here in rural Missouri have not been idle in our quest for sustainable supplies of essential brown foods:

Here’s an average AM collection in Augusta…Not bad either, eh?

Happy eating!


Addendum: When done be sure to follow-up with our fitness sponsor Tron.

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