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The Wines of Dry Creek Valley (Sonoma, CA)

After many weekends exploring Napa and Sonoma (so great to be only 45 minutes away) Anne and I discovered the Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma. Dry Creek is one of those places that produce top quality wines (mostly Zinfandel, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon) but without the worldwide reputation of Napa or other parts of Sonoma. As a result, prices there are lower. Dry Creek is warmer than other appellations of Sonoma so the wines tend to be big, sometimes “fruit bombs” but with delightful character and a little spice.

The wineries here are refreshing. Tourist hordes are at a minimum and the winemakers are often known personally by wine club members and visitors. It’s the type of environment that is very conducive to learning about wines and being relaxed. Anne and I love Zinfandel so Dry Creek was immediately appealing. We have never been interested before in wine ‘futures’, which offer future delivery of 2010/2011 vintages, but after tasting wine by Mazzocco, a boutique Zinfandel producer in Dry Creek, we were hooked and placed an order on the spot. The beautiful mustard was in full bloom at the time (see photo).

Try to find Dry Creek Zinfandel, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon (or a blend) in your local wine store, or just try something from Dry Creek (known for red, not white wine) and see if you like it.

Wineries tried and tested

  • Mazzocco
  • Unti
  • Ridge (lytton springs)
  • Mount (great family
  • Quivira
  • Rued
  • Mauritson

This is a most wonderful addition to the OurRumpus arsenal – the clan extends its appreciation to David and Anne and look forward to future tips and advice from our West Coast vinologists.


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  1. David and Anne,

    Tried out a Heritage 2007 Dry Creek Sonoma Zinfandel – this one was affordable and we thought very good. There was a Ridge 2007 but at $29 I was too cheap to give it a go. Looking forward to finding some of your other suggested wineries in this region and definitely like the Zinfandels which we hadn’t really tried before.

    Thanks for your suggestions – it must be tough to be 45 minutes from sonoma!


    Comment by Uncle Bob — September 16, 2009 @ 9:36 pm

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