Down East to South West

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“In the narrowest sense, Down East refers to the coast of the U.S. state of Maine from Penobscot Bay to the Canadian border.”

Thus does wikipedia define the term that is the title of this posting. Clan members not only visited the Upper Country (see The Shashoo) this summer but went Down East as well. Here the Quicks hosted the San Francisco Skinners (Tersh, Kathy, and Sophie) at Vinylhaven and have kindly shared some photos for the rumpus.


Kathy Goes A-Lobstering

Beach Picnic with Sophie, Kathy,
Richard and Jennie

Tertius with his
(look closely!) Catch

Richard with his Catch


Fast Forward to The Desert Southwest where Kate’s now a Junior(!) at St John’s:

Kate gracing her 150 yr old Adobe Digs at Santa Fe

Ready for the big screen? Where are the photos of your summer escapades? Send them in!


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