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Kudos from the Chamber to Clan Members Bill Skinner and Katherine Law.

Bill Skinner’s D.C. lawfirm Covington & Burling recently received their second award for excellence from London based Chambers & Partners for being the leading pro-policyholder law firm in the U.S. What is Chambers? Here’s a synopsis:

Since 1990, Chambers has published the world’s leading guides to the legal profession and has built a reputation for in-depth, objective research.

We have a team of 100 highly qualified full-time researchers who conduct thousands of interviews with lawyers and their clients worldwide. Working with our editors, they identify and rank the world’s best lawyers (i.e. those which perform best according to the criteria most valued by clients such as technical expertise, business acumen, prompt delivery, value for money).

On the basis of this research, we hold award ceremonies to honour outstanding practitioners around the world.

Mind you, this award giving outfit Chambers is not connected to the famous Chambers Clan, but it does seem appropriate somehow that they recognize the talent of Chambers’ progeny. Here’s what they had to say about Covington & Burling and Bill Skinner:

This top-notch insurance practice has seen much success in recent times, both in terms of its caseload and overall development. What was once perceived as an East Coast-centric firm has now bolstered its presence on the West Coast through its acquisition of ex-Heller Ehrman attorneys David Goodwin and Lawrence Hobel in San Francisco, which has prompted interviewees to identify it as the “top policyholder insurance practice in the country…

… In addition to achieving victory on behalf of Merck in a London arbitration involving coverage for Vioxx-related claims, it successfully represented Foster Wheeler in an appeal before the New Court of Appeals. Washington, DC-based William Skinner played a leading role on both matters. Clients identify him as “one of the best insurance coverage litigators around,” and praise his meticulous approach and practical advocacy”….

…These lawyers are part of a team of more than 100 attorneys, lauded by sources as the “gold standard” for policyholder work.”. . .

…Clients consistently highlight Covington & Burling as their number-one choice, while peers, without fail, single it out as their most formidable competitor. “You get nervous when you are up against them because they are so good,” one rival revealed.

Such accolades come as no surprise to those that know Bill. Congratulations are indeed in order!

Blogging by clansmen it seems is not limited to OurRumpus. We take pleasure in announcing another Clan Blogger, Katherine Law, who has opened her new siteLing in China“. Katherine is undertaking an intensive course in Chinese this summer and plans to blog about it from Beijing:

” I thought it might be fun for me to blog and it would really force me to take notes and put in words some of what I observe in China. “

We will look forward to following Katherine’s blog as she travels and studies. The tree isn’t far from the fallen apple…? Not an old Chinese proverb, but still apropos given the series of KUSP posts (KUSP I, KUSP II, and KUSP III) that our readers will recall. Triple Blogging Happiness Katherine!


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