Hopes for the Urn Wane…

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No. 66

Intelligence has been trickling in from trusted sources suggesting a major catastrophe – the apparent loss of the Haiku Trophy at a river crossing between China and Vietnam. An upstream dam burst as the stolen urn was being off-loaded by hooligans. We have, thanks to Sarah Porter Law, two shocking photos of the deluge. Curiously, Sarah Porter seems to be conveniently on hand when we are about to close in on our antagonists in some obscure hinterland. Hence we keep in mind the possibility of “fauxtography”. Nonetheless, we felt it justified to pass this information along. If reliable, we have but one hope – that the urn… was stoppered. You can discern our treasure floating off in the lower right corner of the second image. Our optimism is waning…. our contestants are despondent… the prolonged uncertainty is taking its toll…

Attempted transport of Haiku Urn across China-Vietnam Border

Tsunami Demolishes All – Urn Disappears Downstream

In such a setting it would be insincere to wish you a Happy New Year – indeed, all hopes hang on .. the bung…

Ms Mellifiscent Portobello, Undersecretary for the Chamber

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  1. Such nonsense and fabrication! As much as I hope for the safe return of the trophy, I fear I can offer no insights as to its whereabouts. I have been enjoying the summer down under in Australia and New Zealand. I offer cousin Dan Mellamphy and his family as my witnesses. evidence to be forthcoming

    Best of luck!


    Sarah Porter with Dan Mellamphy –
    Auckland Skyline from Mt Eden

    Comment by slaw — December 29, 2008 @ 11:18 pm

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