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No. 65

Dateline Bhutan, Sunday 21 December

Worldwide cooperation in our efforts to trace those responsible for The Heist is beginning to bear fruit. Despite futile attempts to derail this investigation with false accusations (see Comments from Dubuque IA) we have credible new findings in this case. A serendipitous photo by a Tibetan Monk in a hot air balloon captured the drop of The Trophy into a mountainous region in central Bhutan near Thimphu. His quick response (by leaflet drop) alerted our partisans on the ground who in turn were able to photograph the pick-up in flagrante. A report to a local Rumpian Swat Unit was made but, unfortunately, the inhospitable terrain precluded pursuit.

Photos of these events follow.

Trophy jettisoned over Bhutan (Courtesy:Tibetan Monastic Balloon Corps)

Haiku Trophy Pick-Up Vehicle

Swat Team Closes In – Too Late!

The management wants to reassure Rumpians that tips provided by Comment in recent postings are being thoroughly followed-up. Especially interesting are suggestions by Ms Tatum that Clare Cromie needs scrutiny. This is in process as you read. Suggestions by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to the effect that LC should “come clean” will be ignored and categorized with those made by Dubuqians. His Haiku however is sublime. Ms McClelland’s insights concerning the Chambers’ Progenitor are being carefully researched by our choreographic consultants. In summary, rapid progress is being made on a number of fronts. We have cause for optimism.

Respectfully Submitted by Ms M Portobello

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