Divertimento II

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In the never-ending effort to (re-)educate our youth, it is sad but necessary that we must remind them that today is the birthday of Frank Sinatra. For purposes of orientation, we suggest that they study this excellent overview of Sinatra’s long career. In the following YouTube clip (mandatory viewing for all rumpians below the age of 40) you can see and hear, all at once, three legends of American 20th century vocal artistry. These, of course, are Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin. Watch and be amazed…

Addendum for our Youth: For your consolation, keep in mind that when you take over this endeavor, you’ll be able to post clips from Hip Hop stars like Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah, Outkast, and Run-D.M.C.. Just remember: “Everything happens in its due time for those who can wait” (KUTUZOV Michael Illarionovich (1745-1813), commander, during the war of 1812 was the leader of the Russian army, which defeated Napoleon’s army)

A Chambers’ Chamber Kudo goes to firefighter Rob Judd.On December 2 Rob was awarded a medal of bravery by the Rock Hill Aldermen for the rescue by boat of Rock Hill resident Georgia Bazile. Her car had been swept away during the Sept 14th flooding in the Rock Hill area. Congratulations Rob. We are proud to be connected!

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