Thanksgiving 2008

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Thanksgiving at Moone Athy was once again a great success – wonderful weather, food and festivities, with something of interest for everyone. There were nature walks for our pacifists, bonfires for pyromaniacs, war games for jingoists, and election discussions for sadists or masochists – depending on party affiliation. This year, well illustrated in the first two photos, it wasn’t only the Toms that were strutting. Here’s our pictorial recap, with apologies to family participants omitted from this review.

Moone Athy Greeter Charlie Judy
Moone Athy Bouncer R.P.Dunn
Karen Kalish sports Color Alternatives for “Hunter’s Orange”
Sam Sha – “Where’s the Turkey?”
Legal and Culinary Entrepeneurs Eddy Fehlig and Alicia Siddiqui
Hugh Law mentoring Powell Kalish and Clay Pentland
Jennie Quick, Eleanor Withers,Ralph Kalish, Shariq Siddiqui
heatedly discuss dessert
Trouble – Cate and Charlotte Judy, Sarah Linn Sha,
Claire McClelland, and Adriana Tatum
More Trouble – Gang of Four – Musa Siddiqui,
Jack McClelland, Will Tatum and ringleader Isa Siddiqui
Gang of Four at Work
Plein air art work in progress – Katherine Law looks on…
Aunt Alicia referees ongoing debates…
Lori Judy and Cate await availability of Prairie Schooner
Dense Smoke brings Rob and Elizabeth Judd to scene
Annual Tatum Family Portrait being done by Delphine Sha
and Sarah Linn
Quick Bros (Richard and George) discuss Logistics while
Zell McClelland and Elizabeth Judd quench bonfire thirstiness
Bonfire draws unruly onlookers – Shariq Siddiqi, Elizabeth
and Rob Judd, Bobby Dunn and Sarah
Rescue Team in Search of Lost Nature Walkers
(later found in kitchen…)
Gin Cromie’s Praire Schooner gets work out
Sophie Skinner judges round pen event
Two Casualties at M.A.S.H unit – prognosis guarded

Our thanks to Zellie McClelland, Gina Osburn and all those who helped make this a very special Thanksgiving event.

The Chamberlain

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