Josephine Brown Update

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No. 59

The St Louis Family has great appreciation for the kind attention and help that Josephine Brown has given over the years. Especially we remember Josephine’s quiet and reassuring care for Old Granny, Uncle Polky, and Aunt Delphine in their final months, care which made it possible for them to live at their homes during their terminal illnesses.

Now Josephine faces her own difficulties. Because of an ongoing medical problem she requires surgery. She has been unable to work and has been waiting several months for social service to clear a path for medicaid coverage which is necessary for this surgery. Dr Bob Egan has told me he will do the surgery gratis but the hospital requires medicaid coverage for this to move forward. Meanwhile things are extremely tight for Josephine.

If anyone in the family plans end-of-year charitable donations, you might consider Josephine. Here is her address to which any contributions might be sent:

Josephine Brown
3620 Alberta Ave
St Louis, Mo 63116

Josie and her cousin Elizabeth.

Thanksgiving at Moone Athy was once again a great success. We plan to post some photos of the event soon – feel free to send in any commentary, photos or video that you might like to share.

The Chamberlain

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