A Belfast Wedding

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Our special thanks to Nick Salter for this family update on the recent wedding of Lucy and Edward Petre in Belfast Ireland:

Lucy and Edward Petre’s Wedding in Belfast, Northern Ireland on the weekend of 27th and 28th September.

“This was a very happy and hugely enjoyable celebration.

The Bride was beautiful in her Irish lace dress and had white flowers in her hair.

Lucy and her husband looked very happy and it was a beautiful Wedding service at St. John The Evangelist (Church of Ireland) with outstanding music, a trumpeter and a female soloist with the most beautiful voice.

The reception was held in a country estate with drinks and eats first in a beautiful garden before a hasty retreat had to be made as the heavens opened – all part of the UK’s charm! There was then a fantastic and delicious dinner with great speeches before Lucy and Edward took to the dance floor, strutting their stuff *.

The happy couple departed in an open top bright red Caterham 7 sports car with their honeymoon being in Tanzania and Mozambique.

Belfast is also a very interesting historical location being the home of Harland and Woolf (shipbuilders) and having the dry dock in which the Titanic was built.”

[* Chamberlain’s emphasis – for the origin of this highly non-Anglo phrase see below…]

Photos thanks to Nick Salter:

Lucy and Edward Petre with their Bridesmaids
Entire Bridal Party
Newly-Wed Petres “Strut their Stuff”
The Get-Away in the Red Caterham 7 Sports Car
Picturesque Belfast City Hall (1906 – Alfred Brumwell Thomas architect) – Classical Rennaisance Style
Alicia and Ray Salter at the Waring Street Merchant Hotel in Cathedral Quarter of Belfast
Nick travels south to the O’Toole Farm – old homestead and barn ruins
Clare Cromie O’Toole as Flying Buttress

Nick provides this description of his post-wedding excursion to visit the O’Tooles in the South:

An Irish visit:

“After Belfast, I drove to the South to spend two wonderful days with Clare and Laurence O’Toole, down on the farm.

It was lovely to see them and catch up on all their news and that of the Cromie clan. I also loved my chats with Laurence’s father Patrick, hearing about his 27 years spent in UK.

They were wonderful and very generous hosts and Clare very kindly took me on a guided tour of the beautiful countryside including a visit to Rushborough House (a Palladian villa complete with its prancing stone lions) and the Wicklow hills.

I loved our visit to the Dying Cow public house and my tour of the family farm with its ruined house and barn and Alfie the bullock.

A memorable visit and lovely to see another American cousin in 2008 (we are spoilt with Molly living in London at the moment before some foreign land entices her and Gareth away) – hopefully I will get to USA in 2009.”

Nicholas Salter
Senior Procurement Manager
â„¢Go Native – Accommodating People

* Footnote – here are the lyrics from “Cakewalking Babies from Home” made famous by the Clarence Williams Blue Five Jazzband (with Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet) in 1924 and also sung by Bessie Smith in 1925. It was composed in part by a St Louis born vocalist Eva Taylor (1895-1977), also known as “The Dixie Nightingale.” Take the few moments to listen to Bessie Smith’s inimitable rendition of this barnburner

Cake walkers may come, cake walkers may go,
But I wanna tell you ’bout a couple I know

High steppin’ pair, so Debonair –
When it comes to bus’ness not a soul can compare

Here they come, look at ’em, demonstratin’,
goin’ some, ain’t they syncopatin’?

Talk of the town, easin’ ’round,
Pickin’ ’em up and layin’ ’em down

Dancin’ fools – ain’t they demonstratin’?
They’re in a class of their own

Now the only way to win is to cheat ’em,
you may try but you’ll never beat ’em

Strut your stuff
They’re the cake walkin’ babies from home…

Strut your stuff, strut your stuff, cake walkin’ babies from home
Here they come, look at ’em, syncopatin’,

Goin’ some, ain’t they demonstratin’?
Talk of the town, easin’ ’round, pickin’ ’em up and layin’ ’em down

Dancin’ fools – ain’t they syncopatin’
They’re in a class of their own

Now the only way to win is to cheat ’em,
you may try but you’ll never beat ’em

Strut your stuff, they’re the cake walkin’ babies form home
Strut your stuff, strut your stuff, cake walkin’ babies from home

Thanks Nick!


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