Glimpses VII

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No. 54

Fastforward – Art in antiquity now gives way to the cutting edge creativity of another family member, Joseph Pentland.

Depending on your internet connection speed and your software you may be able to link to these examples of Joe’s work from his website – be patient after clicking on these images – it may take a few moments for them to load….

These brief flash video clips give only a hint of the impact of Joe’s powerful public art – it is not really possible for a web page to present them to full effect. Realize that these are wall-sized, mechanized and computer synchronized creations meant for large public spaces. His website (use the password: generator) gives a better sense of his incredible creativity – a combination of artistry, mechanical engineering, and computer wizardry. Again, keep in mind that these images represent large assemblies of moving objects that are choreographed by computer into infinitely variable patterns of shape and color – truly ‘new age’ public space artistry.

Joe describes his work as follows:

“Geometric patterns and sequences have always interested me. While pursuing a PhD in electrical engineering, I started to think a great deal about what distinguishes a pattern or sequence from a random set. It was about this time my interest in patterns turned to fascination and I began to identify an approach to creating and/or generating patterns. Although my work would not be possible without a background in math and engineering, I soon realized this fascination was leading me in a new direction… a form of installation that embodies and facilitates pattern creation and generation….”

And Joe goes on to say…

“I have been working on my artwork for the better part of 4 years now, and on the pieces you see on my website for about 2.5 yrs. Before I build an installation, I first create animations of the piece and the software I use is called Maya. My ideas are mostly from my engineering background. I am afraid that my studio isn’t very glamorous at the moment….”

I don’t know about a ‘glamorous’ studio, but Joe’s work is certainly breathtaking and undoubtedly we’ll be seeing and hearing more about him and his art in the future.

Indications from antiquity (circa 1980) that a military career was unlikely…


The Chamberlain

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