Glimpses V

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No. 52

In 1940 began what Churchill called The Battle of Britain, an attempt by the German Luftwaffe to cow the British into surrender by a bombing campaign targeting not only military installations but also major population centers in Great Britain. To escape the bombing, Great Aunt Alicia Chichester and her grandchildren (Charlie and Rocky Petre and Alicia Cooke ) came to stay at 4969 Pershing in St Louis, the home of her mother Delphine Powell Chambers. They made frequent visits to Taille de Noyer where their Great Aunt Sara Chambers Polk lived. Family lore contends that Lemoine Skinner, an ace reporter with the St Louis Post-Dispatch, while interviewing these “War Orphans”, met and fell in love with their cousin Grizelda Polk. Pictures from Lemoine and Grizelda’s wedding (July 5, 1941) are shown here [Above Left: Lemoine kneeling with Charlie Petre, Alicia Cooke, and Rocky Petre. Bridesmaids Nancy Bascom, Betsy Mahaffey. Below Left:Charlie, Alicia and Rocky. Below Right: Bride Grizelda with Frank Harney and Alicia Cooke].

A decade later, in 1951, “Old Granny” Sarah Polk traveled with her husband Julius (BuPaw), her daughter Grizelda, her son Wm Julius (“Polky”) and the Skinner grandchildren to Europe. They first went to Les Issambres on the French Mediterranean, then traveled on to Tunworth Downs, Hampshire England, where Old Granny visited with her sister, Great Aunt Alicia Chichester and her family. The following 16 mm film footage was shot at Tunworth by Grizelda.

Fast Forward

As noted in Glimpses IV, Molly Wynn Owen provided us a number of current photos of the Petre, Cooke and Salter families. These follow below:

Alicia (Cooke) Salter with Charlie Petre
Emma Louise, Molly, and Alicia in Turkey, Fall 2007
Claudia (nee Petre) and Ambrose Scott-Moncrieff
Jonathan, Simon and Philip Gray, with Hugo Salter
Edward Petre
Hugo Salter, the Gray Boys, Alicia, Edward and Lucy Petre, and Fenella (Petre) Gray
Rocky and Charlie Petre with Anthony Cooke
Caroline Petre and Alicia
Emma Louise Salter with Lucy (fiance to Edward Petre)
Molly and Toby Salter
Molly, Claudia, Ambrose, Gareth and Nick
Nick Salter with Gareth Wynn Owen
Last but not Least: Siena (Sasha Cooke’s oldest daughter)

MIA’s: Ray Salter, Andy Gray, Melanie Petre, Sasha Cooke, Chloe and Oliver. Next Time!

Notice: There will be a Quiz on this material at the end of term – be forewarned…

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