The Upper Country

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No. 42
Upper Country

“..If the French and Indian War triggered the American Revolution, what then triggered the French and Indian War? This book is an attempt to answer that question.”

Claiborne Sailing

“This book” is cousin Claiborne Skinner’s recently published Upper Country – French Enterprise in the Colonial Great Lakes, Johns Hopkins University Press (ISBN -13:978-0-8018-8837-3).

The clan congratulates Dr Skinner on his achievement. It is available from Amazon at this link

Except for discussing history, we have here a photo of Claiborne doing what he loves next best, sailing Lake Huron in the Upper Country. Claiborne’s knowledge is legendary, and this includes superb skill in both canoeing and sailing. He is a terrific resource for all of us. We re lucky to be connected.

For anyone interested, here is a two minute video clip of Claiborne sailing Huron on a beautiful August afternoon…

The Chamberlain

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