Memorial Day Revue

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The eVite for this year’s Polk Mahaffey Picnic, held on Memorial Day at Moone Athy Farm, displays some of the enthusiasm that characterized the event and its chief architect, Katie Claggett. InvitationIn the photo you see (from left to right) Delphine Polk, and Betsy, D.J., Adelaide and Katherine Mahaffey. It was a special treat that D.J. Moore was able to attend – she shared many recollections, some in verse, of the happy interactions between the two clans from many years ago.

By way of explanation – in the following photo recap you will see D.J. passing out straw hats to commemorate a particular picnic. It seems that as Old Granny Polk was driving her girls and the Mahaffeys to a picnic site, the hat of one of the young Mahaffeys blew off. Being concerned that her parents would be angry with her, she cried out for Old Granny to turn around. To her dismay, her request was dismissed with “it’s only a hat my dear!” The Polks, you need be aware, were the owners of a flourishing hat business…

Many thanks to D.J., and the Mahaffey and Polk clans for helping to create a delightful afternoon in the country. For those unable to attend, photos of the event were kindly provided by Joe Carpenter and Bill Skinner. Please be patient as the images may take a moment to load, and don’t get too close to the picture of Blossom. If you’ve reached an age that appreciates name tags, simply mouse over the pictures to get help…Click here for the revue.

The Chamberlain’s apologies for any attendees left out of our photos. We did not get pictures of everyone and the quality of some precludes use. This pertains to all of the family events which we post in OurRumpus. Remember that we can always add photos if you would like to send them in – for example, we’d especially like shots of Molly and Gareth, David and Anne, and the Judy boys from the Judy/Judd Wedding!

There are many Loose Ends that need attention – Images of the Month, Haiku submissions, etc. We’ll be getting to them shortly…

The Chamberlain

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