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As you may be aware, we have several ongoing projects in the hopper, including our Poetry Challenge by Zel and Jack Cromie, and our upcoming Skinner and Polk-Mahaffey Reunion coverage. But before we do anything else, we must acknowledge the accomplishments of several of the next generation. There’s much to be proud of as you will see.

embedded journalist Bill Pentland: As he completes his course work at Columbia University School of Journalism (founded by Joseph Pulitzer I), Bill has landed a position with Forbes as a freelance writer covering developments in the energy sector. His avatar on the left dates back to when he was embedded with the Kingsbury Corps…

Some of his recent publications are listed here, and as you will note, they have received high ratings:

The Greening of Brown, Green Giants: the World’s Biggest Clean-Energy Projects, Competing To Fuel The Future, Uranium Market Glowing Green

It would be great if we could keep the family informed of new articles by Bill, either via the Chambers email list or via OurRumpus.

Suzanne Skinner: Suzanne Skinner has just received her JD degree from University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She has landed a position with the prestigious New York law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP. Law school obviously agreed with Suzanne – it would appear from her graduation photo that she’s either grown to be as tall as her brother Will, or is wearing some pretty amazing shoes!


Mary Dunn: Mary has just been awarded her PhD from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Dept of Religious Studies, at Harvard University. Mary has been hired at St Louis University as an assistant professor of early modern Christianity in the department of theological studies and will be teaching both graduate students (a survey course in the history of Christianity, 1500-1750) and undergraduates (a course on biblical women, called Mary and her Sisters).

Sophie Skinner: Sophie has just graduated from the Convent of the Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco, and will be attending Oberlin College this fall, having won a merit scholarship.

Here is a more current photo of Sophie (aka “Madame Kimiko”) taken during meditation while in New Mexico.

Soph in New Mexico

Powell Kalish: Powell just graduated from Indiana University with a BS in Sport Communication with a concentration in Sport Marketing and Management. He currently is in on-going talks with the Cardinal’s minor league team in Springfield about a marketing position with them. In addition, he is in the early stages exploring jobs with the Minnesota Vikings (NFL) and a few other marketing firms in both Chicago and St. Louis. Another possibility for Powell which he is discussing with George Judy is working for Enterprise either in Wisconsin or St. Louis.

BTW, if Aunt Eleanor has any more age appropriate Avatars of Powell (to match those of our other honorees), we’d appreciate receiving them!

The Clan wishes the best to this new wave of impressive graduates. Congratulations from all of us in the Chamber!

Please inform the of errors of omission or commission in these pages.

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The Champ

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