May 17th – Rob and Elizabeth Tie the Knot

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On this glorious May evening, Rob Judd and Elizabeth Judy were married at the Kalish residence in Parkview. They tied the knot in the company of family and friends beneath a white awning in a picture perfect setting. St Louis springtime was at its best and this, together with extraordinarily beautiful floral arrangements, made for an unforgettable evening. After toasts, the venue moved to the St Louis Artist’s Guild at Oak Knoll Park in Clayton. The bride and groom arrived, announced by sirens, in a red, white and blue firetruck.

Unfortunately, given the size of our Chambers family, it was not possible to include everyone in these festivities. For those unable to be there, here are some photos that you may enjoy.

Isabel, Musa, and Kate – The Ring Bearers
Bridesmaid Alicia, Elizabeth’s Sister
Tie the Knot Anne's-Reading
Rob and Elizabeth Tie the Knot Anne Dollimore, the Bride’s Mother
Rob and Elizabeth – husband and wife!
Cousin Powell Kalish awaiting the start of the ceremony, sitting with
Claiborne Pentland and behind David and Kimberly Pentland
Aunt Eleanor visits with Aunt Sarah Dunn, cousins Bobby and Mary Dunn,
John and Zellie McClelland
The Extended Hollo Family
Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ed Fehlig watch with Aunt Sarah Dunn as Bride
and Groom depart for the reception
Newlyweds depart for reception
And arrive at the St Louis Artist’s Guild with a siren blast
Reception Guests, from left: Eddie Fehlig, Sarah Fehlig, Jennie Quick, Ed Fehlig,
Richard Quick, and Molly Wynn-Owen
An example of the exquisite floral arrangements for the event created by
bride’s mother, Anne Dollimore

These photos don’t do justice to a most memorable and happy occasion – especially our photos (not shown) of Grandmother of the Bride Alicia Withers – dressed in a pale blue chemise with satin trim, and a pearl necklace.

If anyone has pictures of the event which they would like us to post, please email them to us ( and we will gladly do so.

All the clan extend our best wishes to Elizabeth and Rob!

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