Keeping up with Sarah Porter (KUSP)

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No. 25

Following in the footsteps of the peripatetic Chambers’ ancestors, Sarah Porter Law is leaving tracks all over South Asia. Hugh writes that

“Sarah worked as an intern for Paterson’s Consultancy in Chennai, doing research on Indian issues and markets. This week, she is starting with REGroup in KL, a real estate firm dealing in real-property management, management and commercial sales.”

We can all derive vicarious pleasure from the following photos – I won’t attempt to name the various wardrobes Sarah sports but Hugh can if you are interested…

The Taj Mahal Dehli – the Taj Mahal
Fort at Agra The Red Fort of Agra
Humayun's Tomb Example of Mughal Architecture – Humayun’s Tomb near Dehli – with Sarah out front.
Abondoned Capitol Fatehpur Sikri, the deserted capitol of the Mughal emperor Akbar
Chennai Temple Hindu Temple near Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Hill Station in Tamil Nadu Kodaikanal Hill Station in South India
Dinner with Charlie - Chennai Dinner with Charles Lowenhaupt, Hugh’s law partner, in Chennai Tamil Nadu

From our stint in Kuala Lumpur in 1979 I can recall an apt Tamil phrase (my other two I can’t remember) – pronounced “nala pilla” – meaning, we were told, “Good Girl !”

Certainly applies to Sarah!

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